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At the PK success bash, Ms. Ranaut gave us a bit of 60s in her colorblocked Valentino dress. Not going as far as donning go-go boots though, she kept it simple finishing out the look with pink Zara pumps and a Miu Miu headband. She looked adorable.

I do have to point out the uneven foundation issues though. And it is not the first time we’ve noticed it either.

P.S. She is wearing Zara pumps and a Miu Miu headband.


Kangana Ranaut at PK Success Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Cute but that foundation is bad. Her make up has been bad off late. Glad she is wearing some new shoes rather than the same boring beige pumps she used to wear all the time.

  2. There’s something seriously wrong going on at Kangana’s camp… A lot of her looks lately have been juvenile (this Valentino) or homeless chic (the Pero look) or badly put together (the Bibhu Mohapatra look). The make-up is also below par lately. Is Ami Patel being paid in double by Priyanka, to ensure great looks for her and atrocious ones for Kangana. I am joking here, of course. What I think though is, this change of course in her looks are going nowhere in particular. The real Kangana – pls stand up!! (I must be really old to still quote Eminem’s mostly forgotten rap references :P)

    • I agree. Kangana is my most fav woman but I dunno how this look is even cute? The hair especially. They look so ‘chapat’ here. Like she put the hairband on without even looking at herself in the mirror once. Her forehead looks very awkward with that hairstyle.

      Nor am I fan of the makeup here. She looks pale and ill with those blushy cheeks. A rare miss from my idol!

  3. Yes she looks cute. But this also looks like something my 5 and 8 year olds wear. It honestly depends on a persons perception of the look, some find it playful, I find it too amateur. Maybe it would’ve worked for an off-duty outing?

  4. Nobody above the age of 15 can make this look good. Sorry – but it is a complete miss. The make up and the head band is only adding to the woes.


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