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The promotions of Revolver Rani in Delhi saw Kangana in a dark orange Gucci dress. Instead of wearing the silk belt, she swapped it out for a broad leather turquoise and orange one.

The orange clutch didn’t really add much to the look, infact, it disappeared into the dress. A nude clutch would’ve made more of an impact letting the dress and the belt be the highlight.

What say you?


Kangana at Revolver Rani Promotions in Delhi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I kinda like the clutch matching the dress, it’s different from what we usually see. However, my tiny gripe is the belt is making her bust look too big. Other than that, she looks fine.

  2. I think a clutch was probably not needed -since the dress and the belt are so impactful already .. so she probably picked a burnt orange one to blend in. I LOVE the belt and dress !

  3. I disagree… A nude clutch would have made the look to color-co-ordinated (i.e the clutch matching the shoes) and that would have taken away from the key element which is the orange color of the dress. The nude clutch would have been too predictable a choice! 🙂

  4. Her dress reminds me of my school days, when I used to iron my skirt every morning to get the pleats just right. I wish the pleats had been just right, cause thats what the dress is about! And yes, agree on the clutch!

  5. Love the dress but she is looking busty in this dress which she is not…m ok with the clutch but i guess its the shoes that needed a change..this nude one looks out of place here

  6. She knows exactly what she is doing! A nude clutch with nude pumps would have been too matchy, the orange one she picked looks like a conscious choice. Love the look head to toe!

  7. Sky high Sandals baby! Would have made all the difference! I’m still waiting for our actresses to really experiment with footwear like the Hollywood stars…why do they play it safe all the time with nude pumps?!

  8. Not very impressed with this look. I wish she’d gone with the same color belt as on the model, and had chosen edgier, chunkier shoes instead of the safe pumps. Agree with you on the clutch though – can barely see it. Would have liked a pop of color on those – maybe a turquoise, statement clutch.

  9. I find it funny how we are saying that the orange clutch blends it to her dress and goes unnoticed, yet we are talking about it haha. I like the orange clutch. I love the dress but not on her – it makes her look really top heavy because of the high neck and the belt sinched in that position.


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