Kangana on L’Officiel: (Un)Covered

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A fierce Kangana Ranaut graces the cover of L’Officiel India wearing Anand Bhushan separates and while she looked fab, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that that furry bracelet really didn’t belong.

On an aside, can we see some more Bhushan in real life, please!


Left: Anand Bhushan, A/W 2013
Center: Anand Bhushan, A/W 2012
Right: Kangana Ranaut on L’Officiel India Mar 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Stunning would be an understatement. Sonam should be really worried…Kangana might soon dethrone her of her fashionista title…

    • I’m afraid that moment (of dethroning) has long come and gone…Kangana and the folks at L’Officiel are kicking some serious behind with this one!

  2. I actually really like the pink on her lips and hands. It’s quite an interesting addition of colour. This cover is flawless. Wowzas!

  3. very plastic…. loved the top and dress.. and too much use of Photoshop…..look at arms,waist and jaw…. not real…
    she is gorgeous..y kill her beauty with photoshop

  4. Can’t look past the extreme Photoshop done. She is anyway thin, I don’t see why they would make her arms look more skinny? Her skin tone has been so whitened into pink where she is blending into the top. Jeez!

  5. Love!
    Love her style. Love her confidence. Love her transformation.

    Also, I don’t think the photo shopping is done to change her body type here. I think they have worked around the brightness and light factors to make the look standout and more fierce. Im not sure that any photo if not worked on will be worthy to be published. That’s very very rare.

  6. Oh my! She looks really good. I kind of like the magenta furry bracelet actually. It adds a dash of unusual color and accessory to the cover and outfit.

  7. I wish she’d raise her voice against the amount of photoshopping that has been done on her picture here. Everything, including her face, has been ‘narrowed’. I find it strange that people find this beautiful. A quick look at her other pictures taken at her outings and you’d know that this (in mag) is really not her.

    She’s beautiful – without the photoshop.

    • agree.

      if they are going to even photoshop her, then how damn ugly are the rest of us supposed to feel? well, i for one reject this nonsense and dont buy these magazines.

  8. Wow @ the cover, inspite of the photoshop… the clothes look like a second skin on her.. and the lip color and bracelet are a brilliant addition… love

  9. Simply WOW! She looks fierce. I can’t fault a thing. Sonam’s days of being some kind of a fashionista are long gone. I don’t understand why people still keep bringing her up.


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