On The Runway: Part Deux

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The Spring Summer 2012 edition of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week kicked off today in Delhi. Walking the runway for Rina Dhaka were the stars of the upcoming movie “My Friend Pinto”, Kalki and Prateik.

We applaud Ms.Koechlin for taking a risk in the lamé gown. Unfortunately, it isn’t one that pays off. If the fabric itself wasn’t a turn-off, the twisted bust and cutouts sure were.

Kalki Koechlin and Prateik babbar for Rina Dhaka Show
Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2012

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Kalki looks better, inspite of the awful dress. Prateik is….Prateik and I can’t get past that (even though he looks kind of, sort of great here).

  2. I always admire Kalki for her playful approach to dressing but this is an awful, cheap and vulgar dress. Given that this is a runway outfit, she should have resisted the choice. Yikes!

  3. I don’t think she really cared abt any risk. Its just another event to show up at, it’s not like her image would have gone up spectacularly even if the gown was a smashing hit. Anyways more importantly, that gown does look awful. Prateik looks good in general but I don’t see why the logic why they had to keep the buttons open, he would have looked even better. Not quite for me.

  4. Why does Pratiek have a fairly feminine chiffon scarf?? if he had closed his button it would have been impossible to get over it, thnk god he kept it open. As for rina dhaka (I used to love her clothes) stop using the 1 pattern fits all idea, lame might have been a good fabric on sonam and dp but it suckzz out here. give kalki something she shines in, like boho chic.

  5. *sigh i think i just fainted. prateik is fuggin HOT! n kalki’s got nice shoulders but unfortunately this was not the best outfit to showcase ’em.

  6. Kalki looks great even in the awful dress. I love her kind of beauty. She’s like Ann Hathaway. She’s has that… je ne sais quoi… quality. In this age of readily available plastic surgery when some women are beginning to look very generic……. Priyanka and Preity…. Kalki is very refreshing.

  7. A Spring collection ??? :O :O Lamé gown ??? really ???
    Do check the other pieces of this collection, this particular dress is a MISFIT in it !


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