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It’s been twenty years since DDLJ took the box office by storm and also most of our hearts. I still remember giving up studying for major exams just to catch the movie.

Anywhoo, reminiscing aside, Kajol shot for a making of the movie special wearing a knot dress by Shift BY Nimish Shah. The red/coral-ish color sure looked striking against the teal couch but what also caught our eye were the white wedges. And not for a good reason. Thankfully though, since this was a video, we are guessing the footwear won’t get much screen time.


Left: Shift by Nimish Shah
Right: Kajol at Making of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Taping


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  1. Never got the Kajol hype then and now. Still to see her rock a look.

    PS: Is white face now a thing in celeb land. The new and advanced talcum powder!

    • The white face is becasue of overexposed pictures. Look at her shin and parts of the couch.

      I mean, all of us have some pictures where we look pale, and pictures where we look dark. Why pick on celebrities? 🙂

      • tbh i don’t care. cream, lighting, photoshopping, staying at home, veil whatever causes it her look is always sub par. And i read on hhc about skin lightening procedures by celebs including kajol. so my jokey comment on our long tradition of gorapan by all means.

    • LOL!When she comes in commercials endorsing fairness creams she probably has to maintain a “white” face with Mac or plain old talcum powder.

  2. Bingo, to other commentators here! I never really got the Kajol hype – she’s too loud, both in acting and in dressing. But yes, I loved her in DDLJ 🙂


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