In Raw Mango


At an event celebrating her grandfather, Kajol opted for a navy Raw Mango sari wearing it with a brown silk blouse. Some of you may find the color combo of the sari and blouse unusual but I quite love it (for obvious reasons!).

Just wish, given the neckline of the blouse, she’d worn a different style necklace with the look. Or just skipped it and opted for earrings instead. I imagine this look without the necklace and love it so much more.

Kajol at Midas Mukerji Event

Kajol at Midas Mukerji Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Don’t like the blouse , doesn’t look good with the saree. A brighter blouse would look so much nicer . Also agree the necklace could be skipped & she could have worn earrings instead.

    • Haha…the pallu “slipping off” is quite the trend now and I wonder what’s so likable about it. It looks downright tacky to me.

  2. There’s a difference tho between Payal’s attire and Kajol’s. Payal’s saree was brown and the royal blue blouse brightened it up. The reverse combination just doesn’t work. And that necklace underscores the mismatched nature of the ensemble.

  3. Its a beautiful saree and she looks great neck up. Don’t like the color or the fit of the blouse. And I wish the drape was better. I think this was an opportunity missed – this could have been a stellar look if executed well.

  4. Like the blouse style. Very old world. Different colour would have brought out the blue. She should have worn a choker cinched tight at the neck. She looks lovely though. I’ve found the length of a necklace either chokered or hanging long low but correctly make or kill a look.



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