Sari Style


Kajol and hubby Ajay attended a reception held in honor of Prince Charles’ and Camilla’s visit to India. Her salmon colored Manish Malhotra looked nice on her but we weren’t digging the gold striped blouse one bit.

Not quite a deal breaker though, considering her hair covered most of it.

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Kajol at British Asian Trust Reception

Photo Credit: NDTV, Daylife


  1. Forgetabout Kajol, how could she let her man leave the house dressed like that! He is really a serial offender. When in doubt, wear desi (like Mr Ambani did). The suit is not event appropriate & don´t get me started on the shirt-tie! She needs to overhaul hubby´s wardrobe too!


  2. P&P – I love your blog and have been following it since 2009. I am still having trouble adjusting to the new look and feel of this site. Doesn’t make it look at inviting as before. Here are some recommendations for your smart phone readers:
    – Add a “NEXT” tab with the last. It is very difficult to scroll to the next page on a smart phone …..
    – Create some space/gap on the left side of the page. It is very difficult to read
    – When the pictures can be magnified, those pictures get stuck at one angle and its not fun to see the images. Please let us have the option to open the picture like before.

    I do hope something changes here ….

    A paranoid reader


  3. Even with all her joie de vivre, Kajol can’t salvage this one; the saree colour looks bland to the point of being meh. One would think an event of such scale where British royalty were among the invitees, a movie star would hire professional hairstylists to take care of their tresses- I guess not.


  4. She is another lost cause. Nothing works. She looks much bigger. I can only imagine if the same sari/hair was worn by Aishwarya. The comments will have a firecracker diwali round 2.


  5. Man oh man, that blouse. And that hair!

    Here’s what I think happened:

    She found a beautiful sari, which I think looks stunning on her, and a beautiful clutch that she just needed to wear to this event. The sari and clutch are pretty clashing, so what does she do? Find a blouse, any blouse, in her closet that would match the clutch. Then she thought, a lot of people mismatch accessories and clothes in their outfits, I’ll get away with this too! So wrong dear.

    And that hair, that unruly hair. You’re meeting royalty, not Miley Cyrus.




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