Just A Scarf, It Is Not!

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If you think the scarves adorned by Jessica and Drew are just another “desi” scarf, we have to say you are quite mistaken.

These “Sir Alistair Rai” scarves and other accessories are a big favorite amongst the Hollywood Junta. Young and old, almost everyone in LA land owns one of Kiran Rai’s creation.

While the rest of her collection is reasonably priced, it is understandeable that the most expensive pieces are the scarves which cost more than a $100 a piece. The scarves are one of a kind, which partially bumps the price. The other part we think is because of the celebrity-worn factor! 😉

They are still pretty cool, we think, and if you want one of these or any other item, you can purchase them here.


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  1. Love this blog!
    Just wondering – why no pictures of Lara Dutta? Isn’t she groomed and dressed well?
    Could we please have some pics of Lara Dutta? 🙂


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