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Opting for relatively simpler gowns were Jennifer wearing Surabhi Chopra, Saiee wearing a Gavin Miguel and Shriya wearing a Swatee Singh one.

Of course, the eyes go straight to Saiee for the bright color but that’s about all the advantage her gown had. Of them all, Ms. Winget had the best finishing touch and looked great. Shriya’s velvet could’ve been elevated with a darker lip and a retro do.

Who was your favorite?

Jennifer Winget, Saiee Mangrekar & Shriya Pilgaonkar

Photo Credit: Instagram/Filmfare

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  1. Shriya’s gown looks kinda dated and lack any novelty
    Saiee’ s gown is confusing to say the least
    Hence Ms. Winget wins this round

  2. Oh my! Saies gown looks like a desperate attempt to save a torn one by trying around due to lack of choice. Shreya looks well off thanks to the color and minimal accentuating.

  3. Shriya totally, for the simple yet effective look.
    Saee’s looks really awful,why won’t the celebrities do a mirror check before leaving and how can they let themselves be out and photographed in such a monstrosity


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