Seeing Double?

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These two Jaya Mishra designs shown at the recently concluded Kolkata Fashion Week seemed to have borrowed heavily from past Chanel/Balmain/Alexander Wang collections.

Do you see what we see?


Left: Chanel, Fall 2008
Right: Jaya Mishra, Spring 2010


Left: Alexander Wang, Spring 2009
Center: Jaya Mishra, Spring 2010
Right: Balmain, Spring 2009

Photo Credit: Indiatimes, Style

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  1. Yeah, BAD copies :/ sigh, these designers have yet to find their niche (and have already lost their integrity)
    In fact, Sabyasachi is probably the only designer who has one, the rest are all over the place.

  2. The clothes look so cheap and tawdry… the hat… the veil… the rose (!!!?)… The first pic looks like a seduction scene from a third rate Indian movie…

  3. Horrible !!
    These copy-cat designers take away all the recognition / praise/ect the indian fashion industry gets due to a handful of original designers .. bad!!

  4. i know this is way old….but the second outfit – black hussar vest with white draped skirt and leggings is a pure knock off from alexander mcqueen fall 2008!


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