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For Janhvi, it was a Manish Malhotra sari. She probably spent a while on make-up but this look to me still felt unfinished. As for the sari and blouse, didn’t care for either.

Janhvi Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I really really dislike the pallu falling off the shoulder look. It’s not even a one boob drape.. its like she was still getting dressed on the red carpet.
    Its unfinished and sloppy. Shame as the colour is lush but its worn horribly

  2. “Expressing herself” “dressing for herself” “Not abiding by society’s rules” :p
    with that one boob drape does not look good at all.
    Hair is frumpy.
    She looks like she is 30

    Why would she subject herself to voluntary aging?

  3. I want to comment something but that would be moderated, so trying my best to keep it within ‘limits’, Janhvi doesn’t look like the same teen girl we used to see with her Mother on HHC pages!

  4. Awful awful drape
    Such a shame as the color looks so nice on her
    When will these startets ever understand how terrible the sloppy drape looks. I wonder if they have mirrors at home or if they have stylists who seem to be the minority here…

  5. She’s stopped wearing eyeliner again – it makes her make-up look dull considering her eyes are her most prominent feature..

    The colour is great on her, pull the pallu up a bit & she looks smashing otherwise!

  6. If you would have seen the video on Instagram which Viral has posted for Jhanvi, you would have shocked. Literally padding was seen from the left side of the blouse. That was the padding of her innerwear. And it was horrible. Don’t they see before stepping out?

  7. This is where she lacks the body/pose to carry off a saree… it’s as if her body has not yet matured for a saree. Other women have worn this all red/bling look by Manish Malhotra and knocked it out of this world (thinking Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Kajol). wait a while, Jahnvi or learn from your peers on how to do it right. The make up looks amatuer to me and the lack of jewelry and drape is all off!

  8. She looks like she got up from bed wearing that saree ,dabbed some make up and came directly to the show. The things people call fashion now a days!


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