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Wearing a Manish Malhotra gown, Janhvi attended Thursday night’s soiree. These mirror dresses were once interesting but the variations seemed to get more and more unimpressive and lazy. As for Ms. Kapoor, given the dress, it was a good move she kept it simple but she wasn’t blowing me away. Her this appearance was so much more striking.

Janhvi Kapoor at Apoorva Mehta 50th Birthday Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I kind of like this look on her. A good change from the usual monotonous stuff she sports. But the push-up/chest contouring is a bit much. The styling is on point here and that makes a world of difference. She looks nice!

  2. She is a classic example of how a super fit and privileged girl can change her very average looks to glamorous! Love her looks here more than the black velvet mess.

  3. This look would have been perfect bar the ott chest push up..too in your face …Have to say this, but Jhanvi has such gorgeous hair

  4. considering the privileged background, the one thing girls such as JK can control is how they turn out.. not forced into pouring themselves into strange, 70s-supporting actor dresses

  5. too forced look here.. and that pose is just not helping either. What was this event by the way, a birthday party and all of Bollywood landed up looking it its the red carpet.. looks like people are having a post covid withdrawal on their dressing up senses

  6. It was a glam black tie event! They were just adhering to the dress code. Sure all this seems ott but that is Bollywood for you.


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