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Wearing Anamika Khanna, Janhvi attended promotions for Dhadak recently. While I loved the black lehenga on her, something felt amiss about the white one. One felt that it needed that Khanna-esque draped dupatta to tie the top and bottom together. Just me feeling that way?

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Unfortunately she always looks overdone..
    I think she looked prettier and youthful earlier (when she styled herself???) – before her movie promotions.

  2. I like the white one better. She looks gorgeous in both. Janhvi has the face, height & also the youth, not sure why the stylist is not doing any wow-worthy looks on her.

  3. I am not sure if it is the make-up or clothes, but her Dhadak promo looks have all been over-styled (for want of a better word). All the top labels as far as clothes go, top stylist, but there’s something missing. Mithila Palkar’s styling in the other post was much more effective.

  4. I wish she would dress fun and age appropriate. Her appearances have been boring. It seems like she is forced to wear some dated boring outfits. She comes across as very stiff and I dont know if the clothes have something to do with it. She can still look trendy and youthful in ethinc or fusiin wear instead of these tired looks.

    • When she used to wear fun clothes a year or so ago, I quite remember her in some bell bottoms & fun shorts, there was a barrage of comments oh she is trying hard. She probably learnt it’s better to be doing what works for her in the Hindi movie industry rather than worrying about the naysayers.

  5. I am just in awe of the her! It must be hard to dress up, smile and look pretty while mourning the loss of her mom in her heart – the pain is always there. It’s inspiring to me that she is so young and yet so much self – restraint. God bless her.

    • Even i was thinking the same.Her mother passed away in horrific circumstances so rececntly and even then they went thru hell. Now the young girl has to dress and look pretty and smile, while wishing with all her mother was there with her.God give her strength.

  6. Why soooo atrociously filmy at each look..that too an 80s OTT filmy with the loud lipstick, big hair every wisp in place, ton of foundation, plumped lips and perfectly smoked eyes. My eyes beg for a au natural sighting with just a dash of lip color and face cream. I am sure she’ll rick that. If it’s being in character to dhadak I’m tired of the movie already no thanks to the over dose if in character sightings

  7. do u mean to say that she is not??i find her very pretty,not sexy like the other lot but a real pretty girl,and iam not being generous because she lost her mom

    • She IS really pretty. I am baffled and also amused at the type of comments this young thing gets. Losing her mom, pull it all together and to move on doing her movie promotions while attacked by these nameless trolls. If it was any othe star kid, she would have been heaped with praises just for being strong. The same ladies who gave thumbs down to her poor moms condolence post must be the ones leaving nasty comments here. More power to you, Janhvi. Slay it like your mom and ignore these silly trolls.

  8. Aahhh I miss Sridevi more now, she would have helped her daughter to look perfect for her movie promotions …. she was excited for this moment… I read somewhere that Sridevi asked manish malhotra to design Jhanvis clothes for her movie promotions?

  9. of all outfit options available these days, she opts for this crop blouse-skirt one ! BORED TO DEATH. Promotions when overdone kill the intrigue abt a movie- esp when story/cast’s look/songs everything is out these days prior to release.

  10. I agree! She used to dress better herself! I have been noticing a lot of comments under Jhanvi’s promotional pictures which kind of looks a bit ‘fake’ with comments meaning the same thing but said different ways? Is this her PR team? :/

  11. I think I have had an overdose of Janhvi and Ishaan. Iv seen so much of them, dancing to the same zingat song at each promotion event etc that I don’t want to see the movie now! Anyhow, she is a beautiful girl but let down by the styling. Over done makeup and over-styled looks each time.

  12. Her back to back promotions appearance have been really boring lately
    Also I’m done watching her and her co-star dancing everywhere

  13. Why is her face always so overdone? Why is she wearing the same kind of midrib baring clothes? Why is a beautiful young girl being styled so horrendously? We didn’t get to see her natural, youthful looks shining through and thats a shame.



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