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Promotions for her movie saw Ms. Kapoor in more cricket themed saris, first in a blue sequin Manish Malhotra, then in a kanjivaram with custom hand painted Warli art work depicting the 1983 World cup win by India. Finally in Delhi she was seen in striped sari with cricket ball designs in the border from Torani.

Have a favorite? While I applaud the effort of the painted sari, the striped one had more of my attention. How are you feeling about this themed promotional series?

Janhvi Kapoor in Manish Malhotra

Janhvi Kapoor in Madhurya Kanji Hand Painted With Warli Art

Janhvi Kapoor in Torani

Photo Credit: Getty

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  1. These can never be worn by someone else like never. Still, red is a striking look only if we ignore the cricket ball blouse. That’s absolutely taking it too far even themed.

  2. That blue Kanji is a work of art. Since it’s unlikely to be ever worn again, I hope that pallu is cut up and framed in some cricket fan’s home.

  3. It is pretty creative, if you ask me. The plain ‘lewk’ is getting somewhat boring. She and her stylist could do a dozen looks in their sleep, I am sure.
    This is a fun take on saree and cricket, an otherwise odd combination.

    Great stuff, Ms Kapoor!

  4. The MM is quite fun! The ball design on red saree is overkill! The blue silk is oh so lovely color and styled beautifully. She carries them all well


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