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Jacqueline helped inaugurate the FICCI Frames conference/exhibition wearing a yellow Manish Malhotra sari. We’ve been seeing so many gowns of late that boy, did this simple look make for a nice change. And she sure wore the sari well.

Did you like her look here?

Jacqueline Fernandez at FICCI Frames Inaugural Session Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Don’t like the material of that saree. That said am so glad that the drape is good with no loose pallu on the waist/no one one boob show/no wear-a-saree with big belt/ or anything else that might just spoil the elegance of the outfit..

  2. She looks good. The only reason it works is because its a cheery color and the drape is perfect. Otherwise its a very ordinary looking saree. That material looks cheap, not sure what’s so designer about it. Kudos to her for keeping it simple and making it work.

  3. I actually find Jackie’s energy and enthusiasm quite cheerful and infectious but this satine saree with the doily blouse is just awful.


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