In Twos

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It was striped and flared bottoms for both Jacqueline and Rhea at the Poonawalla party with the former wearing a Céline shirt with Stella McCartney bottoms and the latter, a Y/Project one with Frame pants.

Between the two, much preferred Jacqueline. With the shirt being so voluminous, wish Rhea had picked pants that didn’t flare out at the waist already.

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  1. I thought Rhea looked so good waist up! I did not mind the pants until you pointed it out, now I wish she did less flared bottoms instead. However, we hardly see her dressed up, so it was very nice to see her in this look! 🙂

  2. Like always, Rhea is a hot mess. She wants to get on the latest trend of oversized everything without the obvious sense to balance out elements. I would imagine that even an extremely tall and slender model would have a hard time pulling off something so oversized, flared AND ruffled.

  3. I get it that Rhea prefers boxy silhouettes but she doesn’t to a great job of balancing proportions. She looks beautiful here, waist up. A pity that the bottom ruins it and this happens way too often and makes her look frumpy

  4. Neither would be my answer. I hated all Kareena’s super oversized-front buttons open-pulled over the shoulder looks in Veere. It made her look clownish. Now Rhea looks even worse. Those sleeves!


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