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Congratulations Devanshi and Shivani. You will be hearing from us sooon!


Blush by Dr. Jamuna Pai, India’s leading skincare clinic brings you this week’s giveaway. If you are a Mumbai or Delhi resident, you have a chance to win any treatment at her clinic worth Rs. 10000 and a gift hamper consisting of Blush essentials.

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To win, all you’ve got to do is:

– Tell us via the comments section what your Monsoon ritual is and which city you are from (Delhi or Mumbai).

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Do keep in mind-
– Giveaway closes on 6th July ’14. And all comments will be approved only then.
– One comment per person only please. Multiple entries will be marked for spam.
– Two winners (one from Mumbai and one from Delhi) will be picked by a random draw from pool of qualified entries.
– Giveaway is open only to Mumbai and Delhi residents of India.

Good luck!

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  1. Since your skin behaves differently in monsoon, it becomes important to take special care of it.
    1. Avoid fungul infection never wet your skin for longer time.
    2. Cleanse skin with non soapy facewash.
    3. Toning
    4. Moisturising
    5. Sun protection
    6. Gentle exfoliation
    7. Drink adequate water
    8. Wash hair often

  2. Hi

    I’m based out of Mumbai. My skincare ritual during the monsoons is
    1. Wash my face with a gentle face cleaner atleast 2-3 times a day
    2. Moisturize using a light fluffy moisturizer
    3. Get regular pedicures to take care of my pretty feet which get damaged in this weather!

  3. Since your skin behaves differently in monsoon, it becomes important to take special care of it.
    1. Avoid fungul infection never wet your skin for longer time.
    2. Cleanse skin with non soapy facewash.
    3. Toning
    4. Moisturising
    5. Sun protection
    6. Gentle exfoliation
    7. Drink adequate water
    8. Wash hair often

  4. Face cleanse, toning, exfoliation, drinking adequate water and use coconut oil. πŸ™‚ place- delhi
    p.S- sorry forgot to mention my city so posting again..

  5. My monsoon ritual is to moisturize my hands and feet every night. The Bombay rains are extremely mucky hence it is important to keep your feet clean and moisturized to avoid bad feet breath and dryness.

    I am from Bombay

  6. I stay in Delhi, and as my skin is dry i swear by to drink atleast 5-7 liters of water daily. I wash my face 3-4 times with non-soapy face wash and tone it regularly. I moisturise my face well too.
    Liked the page on Fb and Followed on instagram.

  7. Hi I’m from Delhi n I love to pamper myself in accordance to every season…during monsoons I tend to wash my face wid a soap free natural face wash & apply a light sunscreen thereafter. I go minimalist on makeup…heavy bases r a big no no…just a dab of tinted lip balm n kajal.My hair tend to become pretty frizzy during monsoons so I wash dem every second day wid a mild shampoo n tame it wid moroccan oil.
    I’m loathing on dis giveaway πŸ˜‰ I want it soo bad !!

  8. Hi I am from New Delhi.
    During monsoon my basic ritual that I follow is applying aloe vera gel on my face,everyday.I have a sensitive combination skin and freshly cut aloe vera works wonders after being exposed to dirt and pollution and humidity (worst thing ever!) I do apply chandan paste once a week which again I make it at home.
    Another thing I keep in mind is keeping my hair off my face,be is ballerina bun,messy bun,braided bun or a classic funk it up I add cute funky accessories.

  9. 1.) Cleansing, Toning and moisturizing. In the morning definitely apply a sunblock before leaving. I am from Mumbai. Can’t wait.
    2.) Done
    3.) Done

  10. The high humidity makes you sweat a lot. I try to keep my skin clean. I apply a light moisturizer on the face and body after each bath but avoid any heavy lotions. I drink lots of water to keep my skin hyderated.

  11. My monsson ritual is:-
    1)Cleansing,Toning and Moisturising. I tone my skin twice a day and make use of non soapy face washes to keep oil and dust at bay. Also,I make use of non alcoholic toners.
    2)I always apply waterproof sunscreen while going out.
    3)I keep my skin dry to avoid any fungal infections.
    4)Apply baby powder on my feet and underarms to keep yeast infections away.
    5)I keep my makeup light so that my skin can breathe and to prevent rashes.
    6)I avoid spicy and oily foods to prevent any breakouts on my skin.
    7)drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.
    8)Apply Multanni Mitti with rose water on face as face pack.
    9)Consume lots of raw fruits and vegetables to keep my skin glowing.

  12. Monsoon Ritual: Avoid eating out as much as possible and drinking lots of water

    Liked on Facebook and Instagram.

    Thank you,
    Mumbai! πŸ™‚

  13. I live in Mumbai and the humidity here simply makes the skin look wan. I keep a bottle of facial mist in my bag always and use it liberally through the day to brighten up my face. Also, steaming once a week helps keep the skin clean and free of clogged pores.
    City: Mumbai, Liked on FB and following on Instagram

  14. Being from Delhi, my monsoon routine consists of a strong cleanser to take off the dirt and grime from added humidity followed up by a toner and a gel moisture to keep the skin hydrated yet matte!

  15. Mumbai Resident.

    Monsoons are a tough time for the skin and hair and thus more care is required.

    In monsoons I wash my hair more often and use good conditioners to prevent frizziness.
    For skin , I take bath in water mixed with antiseptic liquid. My skin becomes prone to acne during monsoon and it also leaves a dark mark on the face. This happens to me only during monsoons . So apart from regular cleansing , exfoliating and moisturizing , I use face packs once a week to prevent acne during monsoon.

    πŸ™‚ Cant do much .. work leaves me with not much time 😐

  16. Hi, I am Ashima from Delhi and my skin ritual every season is cleansing, toning and moisturising; be it monsoon, winters or summers. I follow it religiously.
    Apart from that any fruit that i eat, i save a lil portion of it n apply it on my face daily.. Its easy n refreshing.. Gives my skin an instant glow..

  17. My monsoon ritual in New Delhi is morning face wash with Cetaphil, then toning with clinique thereafter moisturising with SPF 35 lotion. Drink 3 litres of water daily and follow CTM routine at night also.

  18. My monsoon ritual is to make sure always make sure to have a regular wash for my hair, as well as make sure that shoes,socks are always clean and dry.

  19. I stay in Delhi. Done !!
    Monsoon ritual is that I wash my face at regular intervals as I have oily skin . I also wash my hair regularly with acid less shampoo and I use too many natural remedies for my skin . Especially skin masks prepared at home naturally.

  20. hie,

    wash face in the morning and use an anti ageing cream by lakme.

    night wash face or scrub by nivea and night cream.

    once a week use toner or cleanser.

    am from Delhi


  21. Monsoon means havoc for my hair and skin. Hair because it’s constantly getting damp in the rain. For that, I ensure I run to a dry place or quickly pop open my umbrella. My skin is dry with an oily t-zone. Rainy weather leaves my skin looking grey and pale. First, my face attracts all the dirt because it’s constantly moist. And second, it’s sticky and that makes my skin look grey. My beauty routine? Cleanse and scrub. I clean my skin atleast two times a day with a mild,foaming cleanser and twice a week I scrub my skin to get rid of the dead cells. This is usually followed my a moisturizer! And yes, even when it’s cloudy outside, I don’t forget my sunscreen. I am from Mumbai.

  22. Hello Iam from Delhi.

    My monsoon ritual is to use lemon juice on my scalp just before the final rinse. This helps keep dandruff at bay and reduces sweat induced itching

  23. Hii its Madhuri and I am from Delhi. my Monsoon skin care ritual starts with Cleaning my face with a gentle cleanser, putting on a sunscreen consisting of Spf 50, and a body lotion with an Spf 24 and a light oil free Foundation sometimes and a lip balm. i clean my face again after i come home and put on a light moisturizer. Before sleeping I clean my face again, apply a homemade face pack and put on my overnight treatment oils.

  24. Simplicity is the key for me during monsoons. I take care of my face and hair employing these bare rituals as monsoons is a no-excess-product time for me else I start breaking out.
    Face : Papaya /Banana Mash on the weekend and a quick lemon application or scrubbing if I’m feeling too dull along the week.
    Mane : No ironing, no blow drying and simple moisture masks ( with occasional curd and egg combination) is my monsoon mane mantra to keep away from the scary ‘humidity’ hair frizz.
    In a nutshell : Back to the Basics

  25. Its sad to see you endorsing this women on your blog. She can actually tell a perfect looking girl that the distance between her eyes and lips is not in the ideal (1/x) proportion to the distance between her lips and chin. And what she is running is certainly not a “skin care clinic” leave alone a leading one.

  26. I stay in delhi . My monsoon ritual is to carry aloe vera face wipes always abd evry now n den i wipe out the excess oil caused by humid weather . Also i use beer for my shampoo for the frizz free hair.

  27. I get the ultimate conditioning benefit with the 20-minute deep conditioning treatment on my hair with hot coconut based hair oil. It works wonders for my tresses.
    I never skip moisturizing my skin with a natural ingredients based moisturiser.
    Drinking plenty of water is always a good idea as it keeps the skin hydrated and supple.
    Cleansing is important during the monsoons.
    This is the time to go in for detox facials.

  28. I Keep a small spray bottle of toner in your bag and use it before reapplying sunscreen every 3 hours.
    Cleansing, Toning & moisturizing play a very important part FOR ME.
    I always use rinse off conditioner after the usage of shampoo.
    A leave-in conditioner is a must or Moroccan Oil sometimes .
    This is my MONSOON RITUAL.
    -I am from Mumbai.

  29. Makeup
    Make it a ritual to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin before applying makeup. It’s a safe choice to use oil-based foundation during the monsoons
    Light green and cream eye shadow lined with a thin liner and two coats of mascara are for those sparkling eyes.
    Creamy cheek tints of peach, apricot and light pink work naturally perfect this season. You can even blend gold tints with peach to reveal shiny porcelain cheeks.
    Glosses are totally out this season as no one wants gooey lips. Semi matted lipsticks are the best option this season in colours of rose pink for the day and berry red for evening wear.
    Bright reds, oranges, greens and yellows are ‘in’ colours this season. Denims are a total no-no.Capris, short skirts, knee length bermudas is what you want to get caught with. Transparent raincoats and stylish umbrellas are a strict dress code for the rainy days.
    Minimal Jewellery is the best option this season.
    Getaway- Any beach place is the best monsoon ritual.

  30. se sunscreen – Monsoon is bright and beautiful season. However, do not get under the charm of cloudy weather by not making regular use of sunscreen. The rays of the sun can still reach you and prove to be harmful.
    Keep it dry – The chances of fungal infections are high during monsoon season. To avoid such infections, it is recommended to keep the skin dry. Take more care of skin folds this season.
    Have a warm bath – Warm bath works wonderfully on the skin during monsoon. Apply baby powder or any other dermatologically tested powder on your feet and underarms to keep them away from any kind of infection.
    Avoid heavy makeup – Layers of heavy makeup should be avoided during monsoon season. The humidity in the air easily smudges the makeup during this weather and also the makeup does not allow the skin to breathe well paving way to rashes and itching.
    Refresh often – If you have a lot of travelling in your schedule, and then make it a point to carry skin tonic or wet tissues in your bag. Keep refreshing the skin whenever you feel it greasy and sweaty. Removing the oil and dirt after short intervals will make you look fresh and protect you from any kind of skin eruptions.
    Avoid Spicy and oily foods – The high humidity during monsoon weakens the digestive system. Therefore it is advisable to avoid foods which are high on oil or spice. Such foods usually result in skin eruptions and breakouts.
    Stay hydrated – If you want your skin to be fresh and glowing during monsoon, one simple tip that can do wonders is to stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 – 10 glasses of water every day.
    Use home resources – If your skin is getting irritable, it is recommended to make use of some home remedies rather than applying cosmetic creams. If your skin is getting oily then it is suggested to make use of Fuller’s Earth (MultaniMitti). Just mix it with rose water and apply on your face for some time. However, if your skin has a burning sensation, then cool it off either with rose water or by applying yogurt. Make use of fruits and vegetables such as banana, papaya, tomato and cucumber to keep your skin glowing.

  31. done πŸ™‚

    my monsson ritual would be: wash face with a cleanser every morning, dab a pea amount of lotion on face and then sunscreen and you’re good to go for the day!
    at nighttime, once again cleansen your face and apply a light moisturizer.

  32. My daily ritual before I step out is Blush daycare cream on face and neck! An extra tip from my Blush doc is a tiny spot of calamine cream with their daycare cream to tackle the extra humidity and oiliness..
    I am from Mumbai!!

  33. I am from Mumbai.

    Cleansing, toning and moisturising… CAN NOT go wrong with that! And also, drinking lots of water!

  34. After washing my face, I run an ice wrapped in my washcloth on my nose and inner cheeks. It soothes and keeps away the sticky monsoon heat longer.
    & I’m from delhi!

  35. hi! I just follow basic and simple ritual of cleansing toning n moisutising. I avoid oily and spicy food and apply sunscreen on daily basis. I try to was my face atleast twice a day.

  36. I live in Delhi and though the monsoon is late this year, this is how I keep my skin fresh and breathing in this weather;
    1. CTL- Cleansing , toning and moisturizing
    2. Sunscreen while going out
    3.Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
    4. Avoid using heavy makeup
    5. Avoid spicy food
    6. Above all smile ..that instantly gives you a glow!!

  37. During the monsoons like to keep my skin moist using a hydrating serum, since humidity can sometimes makes my skin dry out. I also like to ensure that I use a gentle foaming face wash twice and a day, and in between use a face mist with rose water to keep my face clean. And I make it a point to never EVER leave makeup on, its a sure shot way to get zits in this weather! I’m from Delhi

  38. First thing first thank you so much dr. pai for coming to Delhi (I did my happy dance when she opened her clinic here )
    The drastic changes between heat and humidity outdoors and cold and dry indoor temperatures (first world problems, I know!) demands something lighter that soothes the skin without forming a greasy layer.
    Gel based Sunscreen,
    A good facial mist ,i use YULI Cocoon to hydrate, refresh, and soothe my skin with the Cocoon Elixir throughout the day and I also use it as a toner after cleansing.
    Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel is a very light gel that I apply as a moisturizer in the morning and that does not cause my skin to look oily. It has antibacterial properties that help treat and prevent breakouts.
    non fragrant wet wipes, water proof minimum make up, open footwear,clotrimazole powder =HAPPY MONSOON SKIN

  39. During the Monsoon season , i generally bathe twice a day to keep the problems at bay as fungal and bacterial infections are common during rainy season and moist and damp skin leads to these infections.
    liked your page on Fb and Instagram too
    I am from Delhi. πŸ™‚

  40. My City: Mumbai

    My Monsoon Ritual: I follow a very simple yet effective ritual during monsoon. I start off my day with a cup of green tea which detoxifies my body. This is followed by a skin CTM routine on a daily basis twice a day and skin exfoliation once a week to remove dead cells. Using minimal makeup during monsoon is my mantra. I make sure to drink 2-3 Lts. of water and regular intake of fruit juices in a day in order to maintain hydration level of body.

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway. Fingers Crossed tightly till the result announcement.

  41. My monsoon ritual is daily use of gulab jal, occasional use of a seaweed facewash and splashing the face with water multiple times in the day.
    Aakriti – Delhi

  42. I’m from Mumbai and mumbai’s monsoons are notorious πŸ™‚ Monsoons are fun but at the same time, bad for the skin because of the continuous moisture in the air. My skin care regimen for monsoons includes Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing in the morning. I always use a sunscreen, so I try using it in monsoons too. If i get wet, i immediately make it a point to wash off my face and moisturize it. Steaming and unclogging of the pores, i religiously do it on sundays. A night cream for the night. I try to keep my skin hydrated by drinking loads of water. I do stack up on clean tissue wipes, to dab my face..

    Liked Blush clinics on Facebook πŸ™‚

  43. Hi, I’m from Delhi and I recently shifted here from Kolkata. Most of my beauty ritual has changed to fit the city’s climate, except this. My monsoon mantra is regular hot oil massages for my hair and get regular manicures and pedicures to keep the dirt and the moisture away and keep feet smelling great!!


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