Of Eid Festivities

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When it comes to Eid, folks in the industry love to dress up. But, since we don’t have very good pics of the stars, we can’t quite ask who looked the best.

Tell us which outfits you’d love to wear.




Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Never expected to say this for Genelia, but she looks quite uninteresting here. Very washed out & overwhelming outfit. Daisy’s outfit colour is nice. Surprisingly, Divya looks the most endearing here.

  2. Please, not Sunny Leone. Can we have one leone free space? Pretty please. I really did admire you for not featuring her. She is free and successful and wish her no ill will.

    • What? Why? What is this prejudice? She is a professional like any of the other ladies above. And is now firmly a part of the Hindi film industry. I see no reason for not featuring her, but more importantly, for such comments.

    • You ‘admired’ the site for not featuring Sumny Leone?? She is a celebrity and is wearing designer ..I belive that is the only requirement to be featured here..site is to critique fashion.. Please keep your moral police bs to yourself..
      Like Divya’s outfit..Malaika’s outfit is lovely too..

  3. Divya looks gorgeous in that suit. Genelia looks lovely like she always does. What a smile! I do like the Payal Singhal outfit (not on her).

  4. Omg..finally Sunny Leone marks her debut on HHC..unexpected! I remember Dia wearing d same outfit as Divya’s, in yellow colour..

  5. Sunny Leone is a terrible actress and her fashion choices are terrible. Period.
    I don’t know why so much sympathy and importance for her (if she is featured here). Silly and over reacting.

  6. Can I say none? It seems to have brought out the most blingy and trashy tents.
    Newsflash: You can dress in non-mujra like clothes for Eid.
    Celebrity: Really? *mind blown*


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