A Shoe Story


Geeta went western at Neha Oberoi’s sangeet ceremony in a grey ruffle dress. The dress itself was cute but felt overwhelmed by all the black accessories, especially those ruffled Mary Janes pumps.

Any other occasion, this look with simpler Mary Janes would’ve worked better, but considering it was a sangeet ceremony, wish Geeta had gone a traditional route.

Geeta Basra at Neha Oberoi’s Sangeet Ceremony

Photo Credit: IndiaGlitz


  1. Agree 200% !!! Keep the weddings, sangeets, receptions and all these totally family ceremonies traditional ! Always ! Unless its a church event !!
    More over it just doesnt go..not with the food, not with the dancing, not with the whole ambience of a loud chirpy musical indian sangeet !
    There are more than enough events where ppl are going western already. Probably she doesnt get invitation to those and hence thought its time to get these close out the next chance she get to be photographed.

    anyways, who is this female ?


  2. I don’t agree. Why should fashion be so restrictive? Perhaps she wasn’t in the mood for traditional wear or perhaps she was coming from or going to another event after this. Give the girl a break. I bet the bride was just happy her guest showed up to share her joy rather than worry about what she was wearing.




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