Couple Talk


The Khan couple went the black and white (and a bit of grey) route with Gauri picking a white Tarun Tahiliani sari and SRK wearing a three piece suit.

Gauri looked great even though I do wish she would stop wearing her hair that way. As for SRK, WTHeyyy is going on with that suit? Do we also see a black bow tie?

Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan at Zee Cine Awards 2012 in Macau

Photo Credit: Daylife


  1. She always looks good in a sari (however, she should cover up a bit – she is too big on top for that type of blouse). In my opinion, she looks better when she is a little conservative in her clothing choice.
    Gauri has such a sweet smile – it gives her a very youthful glow. I really appreciate how these two are so dignified in public (i.e. not hanging on each other and putting on a show). This is what a good marriage is – they are completely secure with each other.




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