Who Wore It Better?

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Spotted one of the new leading lady of the film “Virsa” also wearing the same dress as Gauhar. While, Gauhar went strapless, the lady chose to wear hers with straps.

Who wore it better?

Gauhar Khan, Get Gorgeous Event
Mehreen Raheel , Virsa Film Launch
Vac Ampro Dress

Edit: Added the Mango dress! Thanks “kayshika” and “Simran”! I didn’t find a direct link to the dress, but the dress is now on sale for $83 from the regular price of $169! You can get to the shopping site by clicking here.

Edit: The lady in question indeed is Mehreen Raheel. Thanks “Sabina”!

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  1. Gauhar by far. Something about virsa chick’s look- red nails, jewelled shoes, over zealous make-up – just doesn’t work.


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