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Wearing a Priyal Prakash sari, Gauahar attended panel discussions at an OTT fest on Wednesday. She had me at the color!

Gauahar Khan in Priyal Prakash

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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous.

    My only and only issue is the pleats. My amma ji always told me, ek ek ghadi saaf khadi honi chahiye.
    To the extent that she would clip the bottom of the pleats until it was time to leave for whatever function or party we would leave for.
    Haha how strangely memories flood us unexpectedly…

    Other than this, its such a stunning look.

    • Hahaha that’s so sweet.
      Even my grandma was very particular about how to drape a saree and the crispness of the pleats.
      I guess its a universal desi daadi thing.
      And daadi didn’t even need half a dozen safety pins like me to keep the saree in place.
      One pin for the palla and another for the pleats. And the saree used to be tucked and pleated so well, it never moved one inch throughout the day.
      Hugs and love to your ammaji.

      • These are such heart warming stories, reminds me of my cousin who is the best at sari tying because as a child it was his job to straighten his mothers pleats and hold them up while she put pins….

  2. It’s a pretty saree and look.

    PSL Sorry to be a damper but while the colour is great I wonder why there is little discussion about dyes which are often polluting while there is so much taalis for reuse.


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