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Having seen Freida in some fiesty colors, don’t blame us for finding this churidaar suit a lil’ bland on her. Wish she had picked some of Nikasha’s other color offerings.

Freida Pinto at IFFI Goa 2011

Nikasha at LFW Resort 2010 (left/far left) and WLIFW Spring 2010 (right/far right)

Photo Credit: Facebook, Sawf

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  1. Lovely collection from Nikasha, but liked Freida’s selection too…makeup, as always, flawless… I was hoping for a different footwear…

  2. Disappointed again with Freida’s look in India. This dress doesn’t even look like a designer one ! and its too underwhelming her. I guess even the Hair should have been tied back.
    Waiting for the usual WOW look from her !

    • If you check Freida’s history, you’ll find that she is not a person who wears Indian clothes except for very rare – once in a year occasionally…
      Culture and religion has a lot to do with this.. Being Catholic, you are not expected to wear Indian at weddings or during festivals, where most people tend to go traditional..

      • Since most of what we know about Freida’s dressing sense comes from after she moved out of India, it is a little difficult to say how she dressed before. I am not talking about wearing traditional Indian clothes, it is more about the aesthetic sense. For example, I thought she looked amazing in that yellow short kurti in the train station scene in Slumdog Millionaire. That was not traditionally Indian but had an Indian aesthetic. I have never seen her wear something like that (color or style wise) since then.

  3. Like the modern silhouette but not the pink tassels….takes the edge off the otherwise chic outfit. The hair and make up perfect as always.
    I actually like the color. A bright color would have made it look meh…

  4. The hair is wrong, the shoes are wrong, the length of the kurta is wrong and that pink thing hanging in the middle looks completely out of place.
    Despite the fact that she gives us a wow look sometimes, I think Freida sticks with the tried and tested colors and styles popular in the West. She goes out of her way to not look too Indian probably because she does not want to get typecast in Hollywood. The other outfits in the collection would have looked much better on her but that might have made her look “too ethnic” for the casting agents in Hollywood.

    • No offense, but with that skin tone she can ONLY look Indian/Asian and uber ethnic LOL. Doesn’t matter what she wears she’ll still look the same. She’s already been typecast in the West. And there’s nothing to be ashamed about ’cause we North Americans think she’s gorgeous just the way she is 🙂

      • I have the same skin tone and without any benefits from professional makeup or lighting, I have been confused for being Brazilian, Mexican, Egyptian, Moroccan and even Italian in addition to a whole bunch of other African, Middle Eastern and South American countries.

        She will be typecast no matter what, but I feel like she has made a savvy business decision to broaden the area within which she gets typecast. I agree that there is nothing to be ashamed about, but the speed with which she dropped her Indian accent and acquired a strange mix of British and US accents in her interviews, makes me think that she is trying to go for a more racially/ geographically ambiguous image. She did get the role of a Palestinian in “Miral” after all.

        Besides, we all know that how Hollywood thinks is not exactly representative of North Americans, the same way that Bollywood does not represent Indians.

  5. She would’ve looked awesome in the third number-the red one.
    Maybe she was trying the “one of the people” looks.She’s too International now to go that way.

  6. Im a huge Freida fan. Love her style. But she looks better in western wear than indian wear. Strange but true.If at all, the 3rs look would have worked for her. More indo-western

  7. Why are Indian girls who ‘make it’ in the west discussed to the point of pointless? I see it on here with Aishwarya and now Frieda… Her career choices, why she is doing what she is doing etc… almost always excusing them of not being proud of being Indian. Being Indian doesn’t mean dressing in Red, Cerise and Yellow. If thats the case then God knows what people like Priyanka represent!

    Anyway – dislike the shoes and the outfit but face and hair is perfect as usual!


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