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Freida attended the Vanity Fair/Red Sea International Film FEstival’s Women’s Stories Gala at Cannes on Thursday evening wearing a blue Jenny Packham gown. The color sure was striking but I feel like the make-up washed her out. I wish she’d contrasted the blue with statement coral earrings and gone for a glossy lip if she didn’t want to do a colored lip.

What say you?

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The Red Sea International Film Festival’s “Women’s Stories Gala” with Vanity Fair Europe

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  1. Of course a good lip colour would have elevated the look. But gotta give it to the woman, much like Rasika, plays around within her comfort zone very beautifully.

  2. The make up is bad but what a striking blue, there some fit issues in hip but overall it’s a good look, also the two hair strands left in face looks distracting and unrequired

  3. That is such a gorgeous color on Freudian. The dress needed a better shoulder alternation for it to not look droopy or have the illusion panel. A colored lip and better accessories might have elevated this look. I say both because a lip color will stop her from looking washed out.

  4. Absolutely love the colour. A few flaws – bad fit (especially around the shoulders) and I don’t even know what the point of such a small illusion patch is (and generally I think people should either wear the dress without one or choose a different dress). But overall, this fares better than much of what we have seen. Just eye catching enough without overdoing it, and clean styling.

  5. Coral accents such as earrings or a lip colour would’ve taken it to the next level but as is, it’s one of the best looks at Cannes so far. Also I actually think her makeup suits her better than being overly harsh.

  6. I find the fit of the dress to be little off. The sleaves are making her look short. It’s a nice colour but not in that design. But I love the makeup.

  7. Better fitting on her bust, shoulders and hip, a soft smoeky eye, and a nude pink gloss and this is a tenner.

    ignoring these issues, she still looks pretty great.


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