In Gauri and Nainika

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For her day with the media in Mumbai, Freida wore a black Gauri-Nainika wrap dress with Nanette Lepore pumps.

Compared to the other Gauri-Nainika wrap dresses (here and here) we have seen, we do like this one far better. You?


Freida Pinto in Mumbai


Nanette Lepore ‘Nearly Naked’ Pump

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  1. Oh and also I’m getting a little tired of seeing Ms. Pinto everywhere now. I wish she would disappear from the limelight for a while so I can feel a little intrigued about her…

  2. I like her dress but those shoes look painful!

    A bit off-topic, but sometimes I feel real sorry for celebrity women who have no choice but to wear these kind of shoes.

    I was very impressed that Michelle Obama wore flats wth some of her clothes!

  3. my girl crush on freida continues….lol

    but seriously, she is stunning…its not just her dress sense but her makeup is always so perfect

  4. I seriously don’t understand the hype around her!…She was in the movie for like 15 mins…and The movie belongs to Dev Patel…but..oh well..M tired of seeing her these days!

  5. d dress’s ooohhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!bt d pumps r lil wierd!!!look like an ugly, unwanted, illegitimate cross bred offspring between boots n stilettos!!!


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