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While Anushka went with a simple look with her Mango dress, Feroze jazzed it up with a necklace. Whose style of dressing up this Mango dress do you like better?


Left: Feroze Gujral at Vogue India Party
Right: Anushka Sharma at IIFA 2009: Zaia Cirque Du Soleil Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Anushka for sure, the dress is good on her body type (and makes her looks less skinny). Although I would have prefered the shoes to be black, or a perhaps provide a pop of color, I don’t really mind the white.

  2. without a doubt anushka

    the dress really doesnt suit the other woman…i agree with nisha. not very age appropriate.
    and she tried to make it more ‘sophisticated’ and older with that necklace but fails miserably

    makes it even worse

  3. Feroze Auntyji should really start dressing her age and not compete with the latest brat pack. As for Anushka, she does look nice, yes.

  4. For me its both. Not becos Feroz is a freind but becos I was there to see Feroz up close and personal, and that Mommy of two does NOT have a flabby middriff, years of horse back riding everyday…

  5. I think its really cruel to say that woman cant pull off a dress just becoz she’s a bit older, there are tons of much older hollywood actresses who could have totally rocked that dress WAYYYY better than anushka. Its just our country has this opinion that older woman have to be some kind of sati savitiris in boring saris. SO narrow-minded and silly. The whole point of fashion is that there is nothing that you are “supposed” to do, no hard and fast rules.

  6. hmm.. so I am the only one. I DON’T like anushka here..
    Idk may be I need some time to get myself liking her.
    I dont know who Feroze Gujral is, but I like her attitude…whatever she is trying to do with her eye.. she seems fun…

  7. Do I need to say anything?Ofcourse Anushka.

    The best I’ve seen from her so far.And I dont think Feroze looks bad,but she could have skipped that necklace.


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