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We had barely forgotten Poonam but Farah’s appearance just reminded us of it yet again. While, Farah’s pants and choice of footwear are relatively better, will we get over Poonam’s pants? Ever?


Left: Poonam Dhillon At An Art Event
Right: Farah Khan at Perry’s Salon Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. every day as soon as I wake up I pray for Ponam and Farah’s sense of style to change if it happen it will be considered a miracle by me and u guys have to call me Saint Me

  2. well…
    I sort of like Farha’s kurta
    …you know in that, wear with legginngs on days when you don’t fell like leaving the house but need to go to the store days
    (if it fit better)


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