Esha on Harper’s Bazaar Bride:(Un)Covered

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Esha features in this month’s Bazaar Bride gracing the cover in a Manish Malhotra floor-length anarkali with a Payal Singhal lehenga and a Suhani Pittie maang tikka.

Catch the photospread inside.


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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This is a photoshoot gone wrong on so many levels. To start with, the poses & expressions are strange, and the angles the pictures are taken at are not flattering. Hair color is not working for me, and the outfits aren’t too great either.

  2. A couple of the outfits are very pretty but the poses and hair/makeup are quite the turn off. Her frozen expressions don’t give off the bridal feel either.

  3. Um, sorry but Esha is a naturally dusky girl! So why is she 50 shades lighter on the cover?! When will India embrace the beauty in darker skin tones?!

    If a dark skinned girl was feeling insecure and saw a dusky Esha on a cover – how good would she feel about herself? Would gain confidence…

    Instead she she’s a magazine cover with a light skinned Esha (photoshopped) and is made to feel like she is not conventionally beautiful?


    • Except for a very few, every dusky celeb wears at least 3 times lighter foundation as seen here on HHC. The obsession would fair skin will never change in India.

    • Im an Indian and I find dusky skin just amazingly beautiful, more than light skin. I hate how at times some people make me feel like my skin color makes me less beautiful than a light skinned girl. (even though im just tan and not dusky) I dont care about them and love my skin color, wouldn’t even mind being a couple shades darker, but i know how this can crush a girl’s self esteem. I have my mom and friends who make me feel beautiful, but i know girls whose own mother’s make them apply lightening face packs and stuff and make them feel inadequate. >:(

  4. What a frightfully ludicrous thought – ‘ If a dark skinned girl was feeling insecure and saw a dusky Esha on a cover ā€“ how good would she feel about herself? Would gain confidenceā€¦ ‘.
    Celebrities are not here for a social purpose for heaven’s sake. They are supposed to look unattainable, beauteous and everything that dreams and tales are made of.
    Were we to digest your argument, then perhaps Esha should dress up in tatters too so that if a poor girl was feeling sorry about her penury and happens to see Esha in Tatters she would gain confidence.!!!
    As for your dark skinned girl maybe she might gain confidence looking at Esha in her dusky glory but what about that stunning figure and face… how to emulate that??? Wouldn’t she feel sorry anyways if her measure of confidence hung precariously on fashion glossy cover pages?
    Relax, enjoy good and diss bad fashion, take the site just as seriously as its meant to be.

  5. Probably the worse photoshopped cover I have seen in ages. Esha is such a beautiful dusky girl. Its sad to see her being photoshopped like this. Not surprising as Bazaar Bride has the most awful covers anyway. Also the shoot inside is terrible! Its time Bazaar Bride needs to get in better stylists. Big thumbs down!

  6. I love the outfits in the first few pictures (minus the last 4). I don;t care for the makeup either. But the photo-shopped esha looks gorgeous on the cover.

  7. Guys, can we stop hating so much! And not every post can be “the WORST” you’ve ever seen! We forget somewhere what hard work goes into everything before we mock all the designs and efforts, try doing it first and then mock! It easiest to judge under a different name.

    • you know sheetal, you need to lighten up. try a kitty party. hhc is not about being real/human. this is a celebrity blog. celebrities, as we all know, are really mutants and NOT people.

  8. As much as she looks beautiful on the cover, she doesn’t look like Esha Gupta one bit. They’ve photoshopped the hell out of her complexion and she looks a lot like Shahzan Padamsee (only on the cover)

  9. Styling is terrible. The payal singhal lehenga doesn’t go with the manish anarkali. Infact dislike the payal singhal lehenga…. What is it?? Some net/lace over satin lining?? And u pay designer prices for something like dat!

  10. If we had Photoshop and only good angles in real life, I’d be breathtakingly stunning. Btw those are some bad clothes….designer schisigner hmpf!


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