The Blues

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At a party hosted in honor of Ed Sheeran’s visit to India, Esha was seen doing blue on blue paired with sparkly clutch and black sandals. She looked nice.

Esha Gupta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Baby blue is such a spring color! She does look nice, indeed. Very office siren coded.

    Related/unrelated: When my cousin and I first got into Hindi movies in the early aughts, we used to joke that our first visit to India, right off the plane, better start with an elaborately choreographed song, where everyone including the pilot, flight attendants, airport staff and travelers at the airport dance with us just like in BW movies (don’t judge, I know India isn’t like what we see in BW…just a normal place like any place in the world, but we had our fun imagining an instantaneous flash mob in an Indian airport as a “Welcome to India” for us two BW obsessed weirdos).

    If only my cousin and I became international superstars, then all of the actors/actresses we’ve watched and loved would be throwing us a party if we’d come to India, no?

    No place in the world does this happen; where in which a particular entertainment industry not only honors and throws a lavish party for a foreign superstar, but also have the who’s of who of the entire industry show up to meet, greet and take pics with said foreign superstar.

    I’ve been a daily reader of this blog since ‘08 and we’ve had this same discussion anytime BW was overzealously all over a foreign star, but this phenomenon never ceases to baffle me.

    And in all of those discussion, I agree with some of the HHC commentariat’s speculations as to why this is so, one of the reasons being the tight-knit environment of BW (a handful of powerful families & their wealthy friends), but once again, never ceases to amaze me.

    Also: Idk abt my past feelings about this, but for now, I’m more intrigued than judgmental. Let people party with whom they want to party with; the world is dark and we all need joy! But my curiosity would truly love to read an in-depth sociological investigation of this phenomenon. Ok, let me get back to watching Shogun 🙂

  2. Esha looks great! What a nice, clean look. I wish she had left her hair open and worn different sandals for a more partyish look 🙂

  3. She is a beautiful women but her clothes are usually tacky.

    Here she looks elegant here and the color looks great on her. Great fit, and I like her shoes and clutch


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