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Divya attended the screening of her movie on Wednesday evening wearing a churidaar suit from Raw mango with gold jewellery. She looked nice.

Divya Khosla Kumar

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Such a gorgeous colour plus Divya is styled so well here, she looks great! minor gripe, just on my side would be the outlined bust, never been a fan of them

  2. I wish you guys would add more than paparazzi images. We’re missing out on commentary on so many great looks. Just saw Tara in Anavila and she looked amazing!

  3. Is this the first time I’ve seen her *not* dressed like a teen popstar in the late 90s? I’m not talking about being covered up or baring skin, that’s her choice, but more about the sort of clothes she favours normally.

    She looks lovely!

  4. This is such a gorgeous color on Divya. Hair, makeup looks on point but that bust is ugly and makes this outfit costumy instead of classy. Are there people outside of bollywood who wear these type of outfits or is this catered primarily to BW?

  5. Too much pink. I am looking for a break in that outfit from so much of that bright monotone. Perhaps a beige dupatta. I would also go more muted on the jewellery and just add studs and a simpler necklace to break away from being too bright and in your face.

  6. This dress is unfortunate. Brings back memories of the blouse style with those pointed boobs. The cut and piping around the bust is so late 80s- 90s and should never make a comeback

  7. It seems that Raw Mango’s new line highlights breasts in one way or the other.

    Whatever I saw of it on Instagram, I did not like. I think that everyone in fashion is focusing on either designing strange blouse styles or Athleisure tops or top halves of suits.

    I haven’t warmed up to any new style yet.

  8. It looks very similar to so many other previous sightings of hers with a bright color and over curated hair ave make up, not a single strand or of place
    Nothing that stands out.

    Something simpler and keeping the makeup and hair more natural would have looked so much nicer


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