"Ditto" Gone Wrong!

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It is quite clear that Himesh is channeling Hrithik Roshan’s style quotient, but pray, will someone tell me where Bhushan Kumar is getting his ideas from?

A certain Pawan Kalyan, perhaps!?

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  1. himesh i dont underrstand was wrong wid janta dat dy like him so much ?
    he looks horrible !
    no fashion sense at all !
    dother guy i think is a totally lost it creature !

  2. If you had posted only the first two pics, I would have said that Himesh is the worst dressed, put-together guy. But the Bhushan Kumar pic takes the cake.
    I mean, what was he thinking??? The pair of jeans(?) are like he bleached them mistakenly. The last pic- when in need of more pockets…..

  3. i am so sorry but even though each of these designs are a disaster i just cant get over the last one!! get this…….2 pairs of pants, a long sleeve and then a short sleeve t-shirt and one flung over his shoulder, red shoes and bandana…. was he going in for the convenience of avoiding a change of clothes? i mean, peel the outer layer and you are good to go?!

  4. I cannot look beyond Himesh’s side swept bangs wig. Whatever he wears cannot be as bad as his hair. This guy should be punished for so many things (nasal singing, rubbish films and now copying Hritik). Where is Bollywood heading? It’s breaking my heart to see so many talentless hacks hog the spotlight. Okay I digress.

    As for the last two pictures, they are the funniest I have seen on this site so far. This Bhushan character looks like he randomly stuck pieces of masking tape on his pants and I don’t even know what to say about Pawan Kalyan.

  5. Oh you should’ve posted the picture where Pawan Kalyan actually has hist shirt on before taking it off in the movie. He wears it front side back. And I believe his wife Renu Desai is a costume designer and picks clothes for him. Designer or not, I would not want a loved one to dress up like that!!

  6. Divya is not wearing her Fendi rhinestone cuff in this pic, that’s still the same event where she was wearing it right? just wondering….

  7. Bhushan’s i think went dressed upto costume party event..lol..wanna be clown cow boy gone wrong…..other thing is he is always flaunting Divya in all the pics…like look what I got a stunner ??? get over dude we got the point !

  8. hahahahhahaha omg i had to laugh when i saw himesh reshamiya.
    copying hrithik of all people? i mean, SERIOUSLY does he think he can pull off a hrithik roshan look??? hahaha
    its like.. kahaan raja bhoj kahaan gangu teli loll

  9. Indian men, Indian men, Indian men. Bhushan darling too much chicken tandoori and daaru, and not enough gym-wym. Socho tumhare bache ka kya haal hoga?

    Hritik carries it off, the 4th pic guy, superstar in the south, but really pant on pant- whatwere you thinking?
    Himesh, you have a face made for radio


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