1. Malaika’s look, as usual, is a tack fest. But I am waiting for “Ranjitha” to say how great she looks and we should all consider ourselves blessed to be in her midst blah blah blah LOL.

  2. I don’t really care for Diana’s booties. I wish she had picked sexy strappy heels. Mallika as usual looking like an over styled high maintenance tryhard.

  3. Loving the Way Goddess malaika arora changed her hair in the two looks. She is an absolutely incredible creature, hottest and most stylish woman ever to have landed on planet earth.

  4. I totally understand how jealous women and especially teenage and middle aged women are about malaika arora. Every women knows that malaika arora has got the most perfect frame any human can ever imagine. Everyone knows that it is impossible to achieve what malaika arora has got. be it her perfectly flawess body, hair, perfect and ageless skin, pefect bone structure, incredibly perfect style and ever diminishing confidence. Look at her just look at her. All the hate comments are out of Envy towards goddess malaika arora. Can any human look half as good as malaika arora in their 40s?. I am a girl and i used to envy her so much but i understood that is is impossible for me to look that perfect and in fact ho human can look such perfect except goddess malaika arora.

  5. P&P.. is a way you can block ‘paid PR’ on your posts? I think it’s evident that there is some PR on here & it’s starting to feel less like common folks exchanging opinions on outfits & more like a generic website ( Pinkvilla types) that indulges in image centric PR machinery ( I don’t mean your posts obviously; I’m referring to the comments sections- e.g handle ranjitha)


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