Battle Of The Blues

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Seeing Dia at the ‘Acid Factory’ premiere brought back memories of Tabu in her one shouldered-gown. Yes, we know that except for the color and the metallic underlay in Tabu’s gown, there isn’t much similarity. But, that is probably the reason why we like this gown on Tabu more.
The chiffon overlay in her gown toned down the metallic sheen and made for a better look unlike Dia’s. And so, Tabu won this one for us. What about you?”


Left: Tabu at Star Screen Awards
Right: Dia Mirza at ‘Acid Factory’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. my policy is to accentuate only one part of the body, if the dress is sexy on top, then the bottom should be conservative. The problem with dia is that her dress is sexy on top and too tights at the bottom.. Dia’s dress is also too long, another borrowed dress?

  2. the gown would have looked much better on Dia if it would have ended at her knees(where u can see the fabric stretched)…
    it would have toned down the shimmer effect…

  3. This dress seems completely out of character for Dia. The latex-like material looks incredibly cheap, and the color is horrid. She was probably asked to adopt an edgier style for the promotion of this movie, but there are ways to be edgy, and still remain chic.

    A blue plastic trashbag? Soooo not the way to do it.

  4. Tabu looks like a woman, Dia looks like a plastic bobble head. The plastic tarp she snagged off some poor slum shanty is not helping!


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