Doing Denim

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At two different YJHD promotional events, we saw Deepika do denim with studded flats and that’s where the similarities in the two looks ended. Oh wait, did we mention she looked fab in both.

P.S. She is in a Forever 21 strapless top on the right.


Deepika Padukone at Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Promotions

Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. First Kangana, now Deepika…I have my fitspiration for the week. Time to hit the gym! Everything looks amazing on a healthy, toned bady!

  2. I don’t see anything fashionworthy in either looks. It’s a typical western look that is seen regularly. I am rather tired of her sandals though. But yes, I do like her effortless makeup.

    • But isn’t being casual fashion-worthy? Haven’t we already come across too many disasters some bollywood stars make even when they are in “typical” western looks.

      • Agree about recent disasters. If you call the washed, ripped and over patched denim jacket, and strapless peplum top ‘casual’ then I am way too conservative. She is promoting a film and a regular dark denim jacket would have moved the look up a notch. Thank god for Deepika’s fab body.

  3. Ok, have finally got the idea that lifting weights and toning the arms doesnt make one lose the femininity inherent in soft shoulders.

    Go Deeps!!

  4. I can’t really figure out what she’s wearing in the picture on the left.
    The thong sandals are becoming a bit redundant now. She looks nice, except its commonplace.
    Maybe she should make some in-character appearances during her promotions, the trailers sure look interesting with a ‘nerdy’ look on Deepika(and the extreeeemely hot saris!)

  5. she just gets lovelier by the day

    and that picture of her doing a dance pose is adorable!
    she looks so comforable with who she is no matter what she wears – which makes anything she wears look amazing – be it a gown or a pair of jeans

  6. sisterhood of the travelling thong sandals 😛
    peplum & denims never looked soo good. the other look i cant really see anything beyond the thong sandals and da LEGSs


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