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Deepika and Arjun unveiled their song ‘Shake Your Bootiya’ from ‘Finding Fanny’ in Mumbai today where the former was spotted wearing a heart print Stella McCartney shirt with a white skirt and orange snakeskin ankle flats.

While I love the shirt with the skirt, the flats don’t quite belong here. Just me feeling that way?


Left: Deepika Padukone at Finding Fanny Song Launch
Right: Stella McCartney Heart Print Blouse ( BUY )

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t mind the flats, heels would’ve been better obviously but a little comfort is always good 🙂 DP looks cute though, I wish there were better quality pics.

  2. That’s a cute shirt but not a fan of the styling. That skirt belonged with a more formal looking top and I don’t like how her hair is styled… They look like extensions.

  3. I agree – Deepika is partial to flats (perhaps trying to play down her height? Why, I wouldn’t know)
    She has paired many an outfit with flats only to bring down the look several notches. I notice this is moreso when she is promoting her films (perhaps not to tower over her co-star perhaps).
    She is statuesque and should just wear the heels.
    Of course, if she is dressing purely for comfort, then I must voice my disappointment with the choice of footwear. Kitten heels or wedges even would kill both birds.

  4. She looks lovely n radiant.I am in love wid this look.I dont mind the skirt wid the shirt.waiting for the better quality pics though.

  5. Those flats are not working… if she wanted to underplay her height then she could have opted for cute ballerina shoes-they are comfortable too.

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  6. Does that shirt really cost $1,427?? I can’t see the appeal – the print, the style, the fit – none of it looks path breaking to me. I’d love to hear some opinions on why clothes like these are priced ridiculously high.

  7. Love it. Love the flats. It’s her thing. Also, it goes well with Arjun’s easy breezy shirt. It reminds me of Farhan’s comment on Sonam on KWK — “it looked like we were promoting two different movies.” Not here. Everything about their looks says easy and simple.


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