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Deepika attended the Time 100 Impact Awards in Dubai on Monday evening wearing a sari by (no points for guessing) Sabyasachi paired with a pearl choker and tear drop polki earrings. Am on the fence about the choker but she looked glamourous in the gold sari.

Deepika Padukone

Photo Credit: Khaleej Times

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  1. This look = glittery sareee + sleeveless blouse + choker + big studs + middle parted hair + bun = has been done to death a gazillion times by DP herself.

    .Deepika makes it work, no doubt. But there were 100s of other options to choose from.

  2. I for one, like this one better than the random ” hi fashun” looks she has been serving up of late. Classic: yes. Works for her: yes. Ground breaking fashion: no. But I’ll take this over the curated airport looks with the red latex pleather.

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  3. God I love it! Maybe accessories especially the choker could’ve been missed, the saree is heavily ornate and needs nothing, styling is just right

  4. Love love love! Classic sari, DP looks fantastic! Choker is elevating the look, just beautiful! Don’t care if it’s repetitive, it’s good to play to your strength!


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