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Deepika flew to Goa to start shooting for her next movie and was spotted wearing green separates with a pink bag and Nike sneakers. The outfit did feel very curated but having said that, I do love the top and bottom.

Deepika Padukone

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Deepika keeps saying she has very classic and elegant style. at other end, they stoop to any level for eyeballs and curated version that their stylist wants.

      They may have been paid handsomely by the brand to wear this.

      High time HHC should have icon that says ‘In paid partnership with….’

      • High time we know what is gifted to them/has it been worn in exchange of bucks/ or their personal wardrobe.

        Social medial to be more responsible in back door dealing.
        You owe it to your audience.

  1. Good lord, what hideous monstrosity is this?!?!? This is what happens when you have ZERO style sense of your own and your stylist secretly hates you. Like seriously, what IS this??? What is even happening in the midsection area? And that’s the ugliest shade of green ever. Such a stunning woman, such stunningly bad fashion choices.

  2. When the likes of kareena n samantha post insta pics from home in designer clothes you never termed the looks curated. For travel/ airport, DP has worn such stuff earlier also.

  3. Reminds me of the days I walked to school in my new raincoat, lifting is way above my ankles, so all the mud and slush doesnt soil my raincoat.

  4. OK, this was the exact out they gave me when I checked in to the hospital for my delivery, albeit a different color and no pants. Its a very very bad unflattering, *awful* looking outfit. Just a nice color cannot save something this bad.
    Not sure why DP would sport it and HHC would post it!
    Major head scratch.

  5. Her husbands fashion sense or lack of it (lol) has clearly rubbed off on her! This look does nothing for her. Deepika really needs to change things up and find her own style that she’s comfortable with. Instead her stylist either dresses her in monstrosities like this green outfit or outfits that Shalina herself would wear. Those tucked in vests with stacks of cartier brackets is so over done and just doesn’t look natural on DP. Her looks always look way too staged. She’s such a gorgeous human. Wish she would trust her own instincts when it comes to fashion.

  6. she is just trying hard to copy ranveer’s style. she literally look like a child in those clothes plus the addition of the pink bag is like sone pe suhaga


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