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Deepika, who was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential this year, attended the gala in New York City wearing a cream Anamika Khanna ensemble.

While I give her props for sporting an Indian designer, I have to admit I was most disappointed seeing that sleek middle parted hairdo yet again. I don’t understand why she or her stylist favors this style. It does absolutely nothing for Deepika!

Deepika Padukone

Photo Credit: Zimbio


  1. I disagree. i think she is one of the few who carries it off quite well. It contributes to her statuesque frame and is called for in this outfit

  2. Yeah saw her pics on Instagram….wasn’t much to rave on about unfortunately. Didn’t like what she wore, the pairing of emerald earrings is so over done now, just didn’t make an impact. Just MEH. This is my honest opinion irrespective that I am a huge fan of her.

  3. Its so disappointing. Yes kudos for wearing a home designer… but what are you wearing. Just the kitchen sink is missing! Ruffles, shoulder flower, heavy embroidery, gown , saree … everything in one.
    Then the awful hairdo with that jarring lip colour and shiny makeup and lets throw in emerald ear rings for yet another element.
    The styling is bad. Deepika is just too repetitive .

    • When I was 10, I was enrolled for knitting clasess, and tried to make a sweater with all the stitches/patterns I knew. If was funny and I don’t know why I remembered it today after I saw this……..

  4. Anamika Khanna is such a terrible designer. Sonam should have never encouraged this woman and her tacky arts and crafts projects that she calls clothing. She’s like a Project Runway designer who gets eliminated in the 2nd episode because she doesn’t know how to edit and randomly throws anything anywhere. What an eyesore this thing is. A bra attached to a skirt which has a cape that goes on one side and a puffy poof on the other shoulder. Now add lots of embroidery all over the place and stick things that pop out on the bottom part of the skirt.

    As if the cheap looking costume wasn’t bad enough, the hairstyle and witchy make-up add the finishing touches to this tragedy.

  5. Time to move on from her hair . She’s incredibly good looking and a sleek
    Middle part is classic. Let’s talk about and critique the clothes more please

    • Wow! What Alisha said is true. Checked out Shaleena’s IG just now and all of DP’s fans are going crazy with the same ‘ol hair situation!

  6. She is in this middle-parted hairstyle phase. During the start of career n even after that, for couple of years, she was in ‘puff’ hair phase. Puff hair phase was also stretched for too long! Coming to outfit, I quite like it but makeup looks harsh to me. Moreover, this combo of ivory/beige outfits with burgundy/berry lipsticks is getting too cliché!

  7. What is this outfit? Its neither indian nor western. It looks like an exaggerated Gujarati sari drape on the wrong side, with a trail, fabric feathers and to top it all off – an ugly ruffle on the shoulder.
    Its all the masala you expect from a juvenile fresh out of fashion school design kid trying to do couture and has zero impact whatsoever.

  8. Kudos to Deepika, this is such an accomplishment. She looks stunning in the Anamika. I have no issues with the hair other than she wears it like this too often. With a face that beautiful, the sleek hair only brings out her best.

  9. this time the hair wasnt the spolier… goes good with that shimmery off white gown,saree.. maybe the berry lip is too catchy and shades darker to suit the entire look. cant imagine any other way to wear hair with this outfit.

  10. I think she wears the entire look well, even though the sleek middle part keeps repeating, the hair do goes with this look very well, so I am not complaining about it.

  11. Such a gorgeous woman, such terrible fashion choices.
    Deepika of yore, with the big blown out hair and minimal make up, was fabulous. This Deepika, with the chipkoo hair and mandatory dark lip, is not.
    She needs to get Anaita back pronto!!!!

  12. While I give her props for sporting an Indian designer, I have to admit I was most disappointed seeing that she picked an Anamika Khanna. Anamika Khanna is very over-rated, specially on these pages!
    Her outfit is more to blame than her middle-parted hair IMO, sad miss this one!

  13. I agree that sleek does not go that well on her face and its repetitive. Anyone here would like to suggest that would have gone well ?
    It would be great if Payal and Priyanka give their opinion.

  14. Tacky airhostess vibes…

    I don’t think firing her team will do anything…it’s time to accept that she’s the one who favors this hairstyle otherwise it never would have stuck around like this…and perhaps even the badly designed/styled looks and overdone makeup. And the excuse that other hairstyles wouldn’t have gone with the outfit…really? There are a 100 ways for an updo that don’t involve a middle part. A wispy bun alone would have made this look much less harsher.

    • +100 I don’t see this terrible hairstyle when she styles Shradhdha , Disha and Anushka. But hairstyle aside this is such a repetitive look. She’s been sporting this ivory + emerald earrings +dark lips combination with this horrendous hairstyle way too often. It was the same even in the Mijwan ramp walk

  15. This woman has gorgeous faces and she doesn’t need to put any makeup. I love her airport easy breezy looks. This looks jaded and the makeup too. Gives me major Rekha vibes

  16. I feel deepika looks the same everywhere be it the mijwan fashion show, a red carpet event or an International event. Same hairstyle, same makeup and yeah same kinda blingy clothes

  17. On hind side, if she really wanted to spot a ‘desi look’, she could have just worn a beautiful sari and we would have had no doubts that she would have hit the ball outa park. The more I look at Anamika’s creation, the more tacky I find it to be.

  18. Good to see her giving Sabya a break although can’t say I am happy with the outfit or designer selection here. The deal breaker of course is the hair!!!

  19. Don’t care for the outfit – disappointed in AK, who usually dishes out very powerful silhouettes. Perhaps it is the all white which gets me. She looked so good at Cannes and some of her recent appearances have been fabulous. Big kudos for getting on Time 100!!!

  20. yup i agree with the boring hairstyle.
    but the dress is not well fitted, its dropping down from sides and dont even get me started on Deepika’s horrible choices unless its copied..
    she is an amazing woman, amazing model.
    my personal observation is…probably designer(AK) wanted to create kind of ethnic-English-versace dress which dint go well because first of all the fabric is weighing down, secondly those flowers were supposed to be elegant ….but its adding to the problem(probably inspired by berta), third and last point…if the gown was silver wud have been slightly better because current color is washing off the delicate work.


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