A Theme?

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At the New York premiere, Akshay went with a darker suit but kept it semi-casual by not wearing a tie and Deepika just sported more green and beige.

Is there a theme to this premiere tour? We’ll just have to wait and watch!

Update: The lehenga is a Shantanu-Nikhil. (Thanks ‘Pooja’.)


Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone, ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ Premiere In New York

Update: Swapped Pics.


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  1. I get that Deepika is going for the “China meets India” look, but I’m just not really feeling. Akshay on the other hand, can wear whatever he wants and I’ll love it. :p

  2. Deepika is a beautiful young girl. But someone is dressing her like an aunty. This outfit is just OTT.

    As for Akshay, tapered pants are not attractive on a guy his size and the open neck shirt makes him look wannabe cool. Not a good look for him either – ill fitting suit.

  3. Akshay looks HOTT!!! Love the charcoal suit…definitely an improvement from LA! I think Deepika has also done better…even with the same color scheme! I actually kinda like it..

  4. now this suit of akshay’s wud have looked fab with twinkle’s pink sari!

    as far as deepika..somehow its botched up for me.. i mean she looks nice.. but the outfits are not glamorous .. i wud have preferred something more eye catching and fun! and the white and green color combo doesnt do it for me either..

  5. Deepika’s outfit is too blingey for my liking. And really, that’s not my favorite shade of green. So again, it looks bleh.

    Akshay, again, looks edible. and I like the semi-formal look more.

  6. Deepika looks fab, these colors blend beautifully as the other outfit being referred to. Her looks can carry off anything out of the ordinary.

  7. Akshay looks better in the classic suit
    and Deepika looks only SLIGHTLT better- this MM catastrophe (I’m asuming) is still gharish
    ’tis a shame to- girl has such a pretty face

  8. The colour combo doesn’t work at all in this outfit. I say the green is so much in this case that it def looks tacky. The outfit underneath is interesting but only waist up.

  9. oh! I like this outfit of hers much better than the L.A. one..she looks pretty but just wondering if this much bling is necessary….one can get very pretty indian outfits minus the “in your eyes” bling as well…

  10. Deepika’s outfit is just a toned down version of what Shilpa Shetty wore to the Big Boss finale. Manish Malhotra at his ‘uncreative’ best.

  11. well…deepika is certainly a good looking gal!! she needs to change her stylist though! hideous outfit it reminds me of shiny ’80…à la Karishma and Divya Bharathi…AK is OK!

  12. I like this look better than the LA premiere one. lol yeah maybe there’s a theme to her strange similar-coloured clothes. Love her hair though!

    Akki looks ok…those pants aren’t great. Make his legs look shorter than they really are.

  13. why why why! can’t a pretty girl get her choice of clothes right, specially when she’s on a more international platform.

    awful lengha!! just having a pretty face isn’t enough sometimes, neck down has to look good aswell.

  14. i have a feeling that she doesn’t really have much choice in all the clothes that she’s wearing for the promo of CC2CT and is just given them through the producers of the movie..only that could explain these ghastly fashion mishaps…

  15. My God, that is so ugly. She’s such a pretty girl and she’s here in the US and she’s totally making the wrong impression. Girl, you want people to look at you, not turn away. And Akshay looks soooo old here.

  16. it’s quite blingy for the premiere.. would be nice for wedding party or something.

    her face and makeup looks nice..
    overall outfit is wrong for the occasion.. but she looks gorgeous


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