The Jewel Box

In Ridhi Mehra


Before heading to Toronto, Priyanka attended a screening of Mary Kom in Delhi wearing a fresh off the LFW runway Ridhi Mehra suit with jewellery from Amrapali.

On the runway, the cream was presented with a wide black embroidered belt and a gold leaf one, but Ms. Chopra skipped on the former. A good move considering both felt too much.

I must admit, I didn’t notice her bindi positioning until you all mentioned it and now that I see it here, it does feel too low. A bit higher on the bindi and the hair worn differently and this would’ve been a lovely look.

But, we’ve got to ask, you like?


Priyanka Chopra at Mary Kom Premiere in Delhi


Priyanka Chopra at Mary Kom Premiere in Delhi

In Eleven Paris


Mary Kom promotions at a Noida University saw Ms. Chopra in a more young look consisting of matching printed Eleven Paris separates. Playing off of the yellow in the print, the look was finished out with a gold Outhouse cuff and yellow Jimmy Choo sandals.

I do like the look but am a bit on the fence about the hair. It ages the look a bit.


Left: Priyanka Chopra at Mary Kom Promotions in Noida
Right: Eleven Paris Printed Top

Photo Credit: Twitter

In Sashikant Naidu


Samantha attended the Santosham Awards on Saturday night in Sashikant Naidu wearing the kalamkari sari with Suhani Pittie earrings and palm cuff.

My only gripe here is the puffed blouses (just never been a fan of them) but other than that she looked great.

You like?


Samantha Prabu at Santosham Awards 2014

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In Selvage


The Lucknow promotions of Mary Kom saw Ms. Chopra do separates in a maroon Selvage sleeveless suit with jewellery from Sapphire and a pair of beige Dolce & Gabbana pumps finishing out the look.

Another winner from Priyanka.


Priyanka Chopra at Mary Kom Promotions in Lucknow

Photo Credit: Facebook

Of Promotions


The Jaipur promotions of Mary Kom saw Priyanka in separates, wearing a yellow fresh off the runway Quirkbox top with Pankaj & Nidhi draped pants.

While she started out with Eina Ahluwalia‘s double ring, looks like she added a few more as the day progressed.

A french braid, red lips and a pair of Ray Ban sunnies finished out her day look. We loved it from head to toe.



Priyanka Chopra at Mary Kom Promotions in Jaipur


Priyanka Chopra at Mary Kom Promotions in Jaipur

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