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Bipasha at Cartier Jewelry Launch


Wow! Bipasha Basu looked absolutely gorgeous at the Cartier launch of its new 34 piece collection called Inde Mystérieuse.

I love how she included a traditional stole into the whole western outfit! It is nice to see someone represent some Indian influences especially at an international event.

The collection is inspired by India and is still under wraps, but we will make sure that the moment it is out, you get to see it!

For the time being though, feast your eyes on the collection on display.


Thewa Jewelry


I have been waiting to write this post for a while now. I was really excited when I found this cool and unique jewelry style and couldn’t wait to share it with the rest of y’all!

I found this, as part of my research for Kundan jewelry. I never knew this kind of style existed. I am familiar with “filigree” work, but that is mostly done in silver. I had never seen similar kind of work done with gold.

I found from my research that it is a 400 year old art and the jewelry is created by fusing 23K gold with colored handmade glass. The common glass colors are mostly red, green and blue because they mimic the tones of rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The designs can vary depicting animals like peacocks or elephants or can also depict day-to-day life, legends and even hunting scenes.

What’s even better is that there are so many choices out there to select from and one should definately own one piece of Thewa jewelry.

Now, the prices for these pieces can vary based on the gold being used. You can have gold plated casings on the glass vs actual 23K gold casings.

I like this set because you can wear the pendant with a simple gold chain and it would work with any kind of outfit.

Buy via ApnaBazaar

This is such a classic piece. It has that “khaandaani” look to it with the three strand “maharani” style design.

Buy via JewelAce

Buy via JewelAce

Thewa and Kundan together! Fabulous! The price is quite steep for this piece( $1487.50) but the design is exquisite.

Buy via Jusra

I love this set for its modern feel. The understated design in the earrings do make it look very traditional and at $937, it is a little more reasonable than the Kundan set.

Buy via Jusra

Enjoy the selections!

See That Snake?


Here’s what has been creeping up the must have accessory list with stealth and style and you spell it as s n a k e! Portia De Rossi wore one around her neck at the Emmys that looked like it was spewing out the fabric of her dress and I thought that was such a fabulous touch! Since we can’t have a couture gown to make that look work, here’s the next best option.. accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.


I love this necklace; throw around a low necked or bare shouldered dress and you are ready to smolder! Even better, move past the black dress, and brave a midnight blue or a regal purple and see envy take root wherever you point your finger to!

Buy Via Ross-Simons

Cocktail rings and statement rings are all the rage but here’s a look you won’t see every Jane sporting! Have that snake curl around a finger and make a statement that is bold yet laced with personal style!

Buy Via Ebay

And how fabulos are these black faux onyx snake earrings? Every time you twirl your hair or do a diva toss, you get to tease just a bit with these wavy, beautiful, gliterring earrings…

Buy Via Pugster

And finally, this gorgeous bracelet/bangle! Instead of the usual red stone for the eye, it has a green one, far less creepy that way and far more ‘style-appeal’!! Sure fire way to jazz up any look, any day, for some quick top of the charts style quotient!

Buy Via Urban Outfitters

With accessories like these, instant style revival is but guaranteed. And they say snakes can’t be trusted!! Sheesh!

Meenakari jewelry..


There are many styles of Indian jewelry, and another one I am going to profile today is Meenakari jewelry.

Meenakari is the style of decorating metal with enamel. This jewelry making style was introduced to India by the Mughals and is mostly made by folks in Rajasthan. Now, most of the time you find mostly gift boxes or cases with extensive Meenakari work, but I was able to find some really good sites that sell some really cute jewelry pieces too.

Check out these goodies!

Buy via Jewel Ace

Buy via Jewel Ace

Buy via Jewel Ace

Buy via Exotic India

To understand how they create these pieces, read this article

Kundan Jewelry


I am in love with “Kundan”. And No Kundan ain’t a guy and neither is Kundan a girl!
(I had to clarify! What if mom and dad are reading!)

“Kundan” is a form of gem setting with pure gold. The purest and softest form of gold (24K) is hammered into sheets and mounted around stones to encase them. I didn’t know this, but because the stones are encased, light strikes the stones only from above which actually gives them the dull look versus a shiny one.

Seeing the Jodhaa-Akbar poster reminded me of this classic and timeless style of jewelry. Now, what Ash is wearing probably runs into lakhs and crores of rupees, but since I don’t have that much money, I am going to have to find pieces that are much cheaper but that still maintain the essence. I searched far and wide, high and low all over the world (on the internet of course!) and finally came up with some reallly cute pieces that I am thinking of buying.

These cute bangles are very reminiscent of the Kundan design with the red and green stones that almost look like precious rubies and emeralds. You might think that these might run upto more than a thousand dollars, but they are only $34 for the pair.

Buy via Carma World

Check out this uber cool Kundan cocktail ring for only $15!

Buy via Kaneesha

I have never seen Kundan anklets before but am totally loving the idea. These would be great to wear with skirts or capris. You could probably even wear these on one hand and make a great chunky bracelet out of em!

Buy via Carma World

An…d for the grand finale.. I cannot end this post and not have a pair of earrings.
This simple chandelier style earrings with golden beads are just too delicious for only $32.

Buy via Kaneesha