Bipasha On Vogue: Decoded

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Bipasha On Vogue
Giambattista Valli Spring 2008

While I loved the flowy dress that Vogue chose for Bipasha, I simply hated the eye makeup on her. It is too heavy-duty for a spring cover. A complete miss! What do you think?

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  1. I -LOVE- your website and I spend way too much time on it even though I just stumbled upon it yesterday. Anyways, keep up the good work and I do kinda agree with the makeup thing, I have seen her in heavy eye make up entirely too many times. Even though it looks good, she should experiment…

    Can you post her other shots from this issue? I’m dying to see them!


  2. ya’re ryte bebo..
    but i guess bipasha in her charavteristic upside-heavy-duty-drawn eyes is just a part of her style statement- so i dun think we’d ever see her without it..


    awesumly dun website 🙂

  3. You moved the site! I like this layout though 🙂 … its just as addictive haha

    I have to agree that her makeup is a little too heavy, but I can also see why they did it… if you think this way, the makeup subdues the dress and makes her face stand out a lot more than her outfit. I don’t know if thats the actual point of the cover photo, but thats what the makeup seems to do!

    PS. REALLLLY love the giambattista valli dress!

  4. i agree to what manisha has said…love he new layout…i have ur website open on my desktop for the whole day… 🙂
    keep up the good work…..cheers!!!!

  5. I agree with the eye make up…most bollywood actors go wrong on the eye make up. They almost always go heavy irrespective of the season, colors, designs, etc.

  6. Tranny Bhootni….HAHAHAHAHA love it love it!!!

    Bipasha is a lovely looking WOMAN, I dont know why she cranks up the Tranny factor in the make up dept… all the time. Its not like just a look… its a LOOK.

    This dress needed something ethereal for make up.

    I love the dress and the hair though. If you photoshopped the face out, the look is even better than on the runway, especially because of the dark hair and the ice blue dress combo. Striking!

    I like your new look. I do have a teeny gripe… why does the content slip down so much. It should appear front and center as soon as the page loads. Or is it just my computer?


  7. I think bips is so hot!!! in jism she was hot but i thought of her as another item girl who just was all skin and no talent…although she is still all skin and no talent she carries herself well…her toned body, her amazing outfits to her hot bong face she seems to have it all…but why do we like her in movies…she comes off as a nice girl but she can’t act for shit and we still seem to like her…can anyone explain….or is it that no bollywood actress ( I don’t mean Indian Cinema) can act…we all appreciate them for their looks,boyfriends,clothes and ofcourse larger than life lifestyle…

    to name a few Kareena, Bips, Katrina and Priyanka are all top notch actors but honestly I haven’t seen one film where I think they deserved applause for their acting talent..okay maybe kareena for omkara but even in jab we met she was the same in all the rest of the movies, except here she was shown to be more indian then her usual westernaized slutty appeal…

    anyhoo i’m not complaining just wondering since i love the b-town girls even with the lack of talent…

    btw can anyone tell me Kareena’s real diet what is she eating ppl!!

  8. while i do love the exotic look bipasha is trying to pull i have to agree its not a very “in” look, keeping season in mind. and if season were the topic, i’d rather they went for pastel yellows and greens rather then an icy blue. that said, she does look very beautiful and as always has the confidence to pull off anything thats put on her… hair, makeup, clothing and all! the one woman in bollywood who never seems afraid of fashion! bravo!

  9. Well I dont mind the eye-make up. Didn’t we see heavy duty eye make-up in Gucci’s Spring RTW line? But I still find something missing in that cover!!

  10. Why does Bipasha try so hard to look rihanna ! Sluty as she is on top of that she has done this horrible makeup and the hair style is so looking wannabe…outfit, hair and makeup everything is a disaster. Why cant she value the indianess than struggle to become wannabe hollywood blackie !

  11. i don’t think there is anything wrong trying to be western, it is the in look…I mean you must get tired of wearing sari’s all the time…dresses look good on her why shouldn’t she wear them

  12. but i was just wondering you know how these bollywood celebs wear dresses and all, do people in bombay dress like this? say when they go grocery shopping can they wear short skirts, tube tops etc?

    just wondering…

  13. @ pearl

    you’re totally right she’s copying rihanna here!! i dont know how i missed that – but the eyes, the hairstyle.. its an exact copy of rihanna! except it works better on rihanna than bips!

  14. I know payal, I saw her interview on TV. I wish she was inspired by somone with more about Pamela Anderson…lol….that will get her career rocking !

  15. Bipasha never manages to look graceful to me. She always is too busy trying to look sexy. Keyword being sexy

    You have been in the industry for over 5 years, how about “acting” for a change. She wears the most hideous hootchie momma outfits ever with shoes that look so bulky and tacky.

  16. sana…you know i’m wondering the same thing! So many of the actresses aren’t that awesome in acting, they just look good.

    but of course, there are some that have awesome talent. kajol being one of them.

  17. […] It’s funny to me that Bipasha goes overboard on eye makeup and Preity now seems to have none at all! And, considering they […]


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