Runway Wars!

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While Bipasha wore a different beige lehenga at the Gitanjali event, Raima got to wear the same Rocky S one that Bipasha wore at the IIFA Awards Fashion extravaganza and both wore it very differently. Bips went for a more bare look, Raima toned it down by wearing two dupattas and also got my vote.

Who gets yours?

Catch more pics at ‘The Gallery’.


Left: Bipasha Basu at IIFA AWards 2009
Right:Raima Sen at Gitanjali Jewellery 15 Years Celebration Show

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Raima! Because the color of the lengha is a little bit darker – better than Bipasha’s. Also, I like the way Raima’s hair is done. Bipasha’s hair looks SO FAKE!

  2. Bipasha is not doing it right. While most of the gals in bollywood play someone dancing around in nightclubs and shaadi etc, not many get to play someone like Lara Croft or Million Dollar Baby. So, ‘buff like a dude’ body does not really go with the characters.
    Bips has buffed her shoulders to awkward proportions and it does not look right in a lehnga or a gown..

  3. bith are way to OTT blingy for my tastes
    and overload that with Raima’s jewlery *gag*
    but you know, the dupattas themselves are pretty, a saree out of either material would = love for me.

  4. I honestly don’t think Bipasha was THAT buff during this…I think it’s the angle and an awkward shot
    and kudos for her for keeping fit, it’s hard with her type of body (so I’ve heard)

  5. Bling attack! Well thats understandable for a lehenga but still…none!

    Too much cleavage show and spaghetti straps on lehenga is a big no.

    While Raima, meh…she cant carry it off well.


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