In Gauri And Nainika

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It was a bright yellow Gauri and Nainika strapless dress from Bipasha at the Kohler promotional event paired with red suede heels. A cheery color but the wrap detail around the waist makes the skirt look a bit off. A few more inches on the skirt would’ve balanced it out, we think. You like?

Bipasha Basu at Kohler promotional event in Mumbai

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I wish she’d dye her hair darker and stop wearing mini dresses…Definitely needs to add a few more inches to her dress. LOVE the yellow though!

    • She looks amazing in her mini dresses . And unless the Taliban invades India (it already seems to have invaded this blog) there is no need for her to definetely add a few more inches to her dress.

      A majority of the world would consider mid-thigh a perfectly decent length,and her fabulous legs certainly merit the length

      • I agree with Chocolate Martini here. What is with these comments of “few more inches” on each and every post where someone’s wearing a dress?
        Bipasha looks awesome in them minis.
        The color here, suits her too. But yeah, not a fan of the make-up in the second pic. Or that could be the lighting/camera.

      • LOL@ taliban invasion…though I do think that some dresses/skirts looks better longer and some shorter..this one is seeming off for some reason…a slightly longer skirt would looks better IMO…(but definitely nothing to do with decency- someone needs to see what I wear :P- my husband is always shoocked when Im wearing ‘long’ ( aka knee length stuff ) hahahha…

  2. She looks stunning…just wish she would stop doing that annoying “pageant pose” with her hands…she does it in ALL her pics….

  3. lovely colour.. love the shoes.. can anyone ID these please.. but her hair colour is looking a bit tacky.. maybe becoz of the colour of the dress

  4. I DISLIKE. She’s looking washed out(colour is wayy too bright) and the hair colour is off… she should dye it darker. Also, the dress is ugly and red shoes don’t go with it at all!

    • The color is too tacky! i have no problems with the length but with the fit of the dress…make it a total wrap wrap of just remove that little wrapy think out there!


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