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Over the weekend, Bhumi was seen in a tweed feather hem dress from Saffron Boutiuque and in a top and skirt by Dhruv Kapoor paired with a harness belt, the latter making us wonder if harness belts is going to be a recurring theme for her.

I liked both looks here. What did y’all think?

Bhumi Pednekar

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. The tweed and feathers is doing nothing at all! I dislike tassels, feather and fluff as such!
    The second outfit is alright, it is the strange pose that is making the sleeves look funny and wing like, it should be alright otherwise. Plus, I think the dress does need a belt to give it some shape, given the flowy sleeves!

  2. I actually like the “angel-like” effect that the sleeves gives in the second pic. However, the pics are taken likely hours apart, or a day or two at most and yet her sizing looks so different. They should at least try to keep the photoshopping consistent because side by side, the difference really is jarring.

  3. I think the belt helps the second look. It breaks up the busy pattern. In fact, I think even the tweed dress could’ve used a belt to break up all the visual monotone, and define the waist.

    Perspex shoes are a mystery. I get the idea in theory, but the same effect could have been achieved by point-toed or nude shoes too.


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