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Bhumi was one of the many celebs to attend the Manish Malhotra show wearing his design and while we’d like to say she did good, as you can see, she didn’t.

While I can ignore the concealer issues, I can’t ignore the fact how dated that embroidered kurta itself felt. Not a fan. We’ve seen her do way better.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like the work on the kurta however I’d have swapped out the jeans and worn a white chudidhar or those tights-legging things that many seem to favour. I like the embroidery but I don’t like that it tapers down the centre. Regardless she wears this well, she’s pretty.

  2. ” Seen her do way better” lolol. From the white washing to that clutch, it is all tacky. This outfit probably could have been salvaged if it was on a taller/leaner person and in the right size (of the outfit I meant :P) for sure. And she forcing herself into such tight clothes complete with the let-me-hold-on-my-breath for better results is only laugh worthy.

  3. She looks SO nice, whats with the nit picking!!!! I dont see concealer issues and the classic embroidered looks is so stunning on her.

  4. I actually quite like her Kurta. What makes this a miss for me is her makeup. A little easy on the concealer and she’d have been able to achieve that polished dewy look that she was probably trying for.

  5. Agree about the concealer issue, but she still manages to look nice! There’s nothing wrong with the MM kurta; infact it seems pretty to me.


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