Designer Speak


We know these ladies are good at what they do. Babita’s and Anita’s recent collections were very good and anyone who can dress up a whole film crew in authentic periodic costumes gets my vote. But, why is that these ladies can talk the talk but can’t really walk the walk.

WTHeyyy is Ms. Malkani is wearing? Harem pants-cum-skirt?
Having seen a beautiful outfit on Tisca just yesterday, why are we seeing Ms. Dongre in churidar-leggings that are so glaringly uneven?
Why-oh-why is Ms. Lulla wearing a gown that is not figure friendly? (And here I am pointing to the top half.)

So many questions that I have no answers to. Tsk Tsk.

(Just to clarify, I’ve seen designer dress wacky but their collection is out of the world. These ladies come in the picture only because we’ve seen them put an effort into how they dress at events. And yet, fail.)


Babita Malkani, Anita Dongre and Neeta Lulla
at Triumph Inspiration Awards 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. OMG…What a terrible thing on Ms Babita Malkani…Seems anyone can become a fashion designer.
    I thought Neeta lulla is better but then saw her top part (as pointed) …Seems Ms Anita Dongre is the winner.

    One thing:They are not forced to wear the dresses not flattering their figures….Are they..


  2. i think anita dongre’s kurta is lovely. it’s just the leggings that are a bit off and that’s not too bad of a fashion mistake


  3. Neeta Lulla looks like Cruella De Ville out to drown some dalmatian pups with that expression. And just when is she going to get rid of those bangs? In like a 100 years?




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