In Hervé Léger

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Update: Now that we’ve got clearer pics of Ayesha, dig the gold Léger?

She wore a hot Hervé Léger gold dress to the launch event party, but Ayesha’s messy hair is a big turn-off for me. She could have done better.


Left: Hervé Léger , Spring 2009
Right: Ayesha Thapar at ‘Lap’ Launch

Photo Credit: Style, Indiatimes

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  1. she looks great, love the hair and dress, do not care for all the accessories, big gold necklace, braceletS and big watch. Would have definately left the neckpiece at home.

  2. have never seen her personally but i think she is simply stunning!! is she totally Indian??

    Instead of all the gold accesories i would have worn ornate silver though to give it a twist. and just ‘A’ piece, not so many

  3. WOW SHE LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! LOVE the hair..the messy hair makes the whole thing look absolutely sexy…any other hair would not have looked as good. LOVE THIS look

  4. The necklace and the cuff are ruining it for me. And the hair, of course. ack. This is one of those dresses that look best paired with awesome pumps, and nothing else.

  5. i want this dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it fits her so well and that amazing body n face.. i dont think any hot blooded man would fall left right and then stand up to be with her…


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