Not Quite

It would be great to see Poonam in some body appropriate clothes (color looks great on her though) and would be even better to see Suneeta tone down the eye make-up for once!

Don’t know when red and black became such a popular combination and this look on Anaida is certainly nothing to write home about! Definitely a step up from the last ‘WTHey’ appearance but strictly relatively speaking! Its been a while since we saw Sangeeta Bijlani, just wish this wasn’t the way she popped up on the radar! The monochrome is dull, dull, dull. And the hair just doesn’t work.

Anaida At Richa Sharma’s Birthday Party
Poonam Dhillon At Azeem Khan’s Fashion Show

Sangeeta Bijlani At Azeem Khan’s Fashion Show
Suneeta Rao At Azeem Khan’s Fashion Show

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Azeem Khan Collection

Here’s a dekho at Azeem Khan’s collection…

azeem-khan-41.jpg azeem-khan-51.jpg azeem-khan-61.jpg

azeem-khan-111.jpg azeem-khan-121.jpg azeem-khan-131.jpg

azeem-khan-141.jpg azeem-khan-151.jpg azeem-khan-161.jpg

azeem-khan-171.jpg azeem-khan-181.jpg azeem-khan-191.jpg

Read on to see (more…)

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Tacky top. Tacky ensemble.

Mona Singh At ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ Bash
Poonam Dhillon At ‘Bollywood Club’ Bash


Poonam Dhillon

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Some More Of That Louis Lovin’…

We’ve seen Farah Khan carry LV before, Louis Vuitton ‘Highbury’ more specifically, and this time we spotted her once again with another Louis… Funny, we just reported a Louis Vuitton Mahina XXL sighting and here’s another one in quick succession…


Farah Khan At ‘Rock On’ Premiere

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Doing The LBD

It is unfortunate that for her first movie premiere, Prachi Desai decided to wear that on the red carpet! What is that anyway… it is so shapeless, downright dowdy and potato sack’ish at its best… Pretty girl, pretty godawful dress! Madhu Sapre on the other hand sizzled, red lips and all. Okay, minus the shoes. But sizzle she did.

Madhu Sapre
Prachi Desai

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