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Athiya attended a close friend’s wedding wearing a white draped sari by Tarun Tahiliani. While she wore it well, I wish the blouse didn’t have the feathers. What say you?

Like the top with the feathers or would you also have preferred it without them?

Athiya Shetty

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks great n dressed appropriately for a friend’s wedding.. love it..
    The feathers look fine.. they aint much to make or break the look..

  2. Athiya wears it well, like she does nearly every time. Nothing special about the outfit itself, but the styling makes all the difference.

  3. Athiya needs more recognition for her impeccable styling. She kills it everytime. Homegirl looks stylish even in a sweat shirt which a lot of our “fassun ikauns” over-style and ruin. Gotta love Athiya!

      • My exact thoughts when I see them getting styled for airports, private parties, private weddings SMH! I mean what fashionista if you can’t put a small get together look also by yourself? Tara Sutaria got herself styled looks even in her vacation in Maldives! Like WHATTTTTT? Hilarious! Deepika gets herself styled for even normal dinner parties. I mean if you can’t put yourself in a black dress and do minimal makeup also then what’s even the point of calling yourself global fashion icon(YES, her PR does call her that). Sonam is the same. Over-styled everytime. Her airport looks are a joke. These girls have a proper hairstylist+make-up artist+sourced clothes for BOARDING A FLIGHT?

        I don’t know why they do it. Maybe they are too image conscious or just want freebies. I much prefer Katrina and Kareena tbh. Yes, Katrina might not experiment much but she atleast is herself. I actually love het non-styled minis, denims, minimal makeup, no make-up, tracksuits, etc to the atrocious trench coats and heels that some of these girls wear at the airport. I’m glad Kareena and Katrina have not jumped on that bandwagon yet.

  4. I don’t know what’s wrong I’m finding it hard to love this as much as I want to. The saree is like a shimmery sarong. Loving the blouse.

  5. Athiya is an understated beauty. I love her dressing sense and this is no exception. I would have preferred this minus the feathers though.

  6. Its a nice design even with the feathers and Athiya is styled well but the fabric looks cheap to me. Pity because I’m sure its not.
    Athiya on her part is charming, always a natural!


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